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Well, well, this community hasn't seen action in ages, but that changes soon. RP will begin here once again in the near future as Team Plasma has been re-introduced into NML's Arc 3.5 plot. To old and new faces, I suggest you check the place out update yourselves on current guidelines. Other than that, Ace will be popping in to check from time to time, but most work will be done by a captain unless someone comes forwards and tells me they want to take command. Welp, see you later.

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When Ace had 50 character bases at once

Attention all members! Please share this community so we can regain our many lost numbers, then we can begin our main mission and take back our dead communities!

Oh, hey, I'm glad to be a part of hypocrite PETA.

Le nuke xdd dank lol funny meme

Hey guys! Thanks for accepting me! I'll do my best to be an active member :)

Glace walks into the room feeling the walls

"Where are you now... I wonder..."
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