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So we have just reached the 400-number line and I think we all know what that means - circle reboot in circle 92 or 93, depending on the increase of numbers. But I'm pretty sure that it will be more likely to happen in circle 92 or 93. 

Well great people, if you want to get included, just simply follow these steps :)

1. Share this circle publicly/or in a community (and no 'playing games', a'ight?)  

Note: If you're sharing this circle with a page or another profile (a page which is intended only for sharing circles), I will only include you, not the page.

2. It's optional but after you share the circle,  you may comment and +1 to make sure you will be included. And make it sure it's in the original post so i can easily see you :-)  

3. If you're included already, just keep sharing the circle! Because that would be great ... and awesome. (and also because this is a snowball circle)  

4. If you're a blue head (no profile picture) , please, ""have a face"" :-) 

So if i missed you, i'm sorry, it's my bad! And it would be appreciated and an honor to be called an idiot, i mean really.... :-D

Another Note: If you got excluded and if you think i made a mistake, just tell me :-)

This circle rolls in either Friday or Saturday

SongS for the Week!
Augustana- Boston (Acoustic)
Low shoulder In the flesh
Darling I Do - Landon Pigg & Lucy Schwartz Lyrics

Have a nice day and God bless, everyone! And have a nice weekend!

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Hi everyone thank you for sharing #Megaball 19.After  you share please read this.
You guys might have noticed that I barely ever sell you anything right? 
Today I have got a special one off deal that will hopefully be taken up by many of you. I have been working hard out at improving and upgrading The 7 Pillars Book and will continue to do so. It is a living book and keeps getting better. For example I am adding action plans to around 15 chapters. Our contributing authors Steve Cassady and Adam Houlahan  are also refreshing the Linked In and Pinterest chapters today.

After all this work I am going to raise the price on Monday to $19.99 for a lifetime subscription to updates.
As a special deal to Empire Avenue members I am going to slash the price until Monday to $9.95. I promise you that I am never going to make it this cheap again. 

I was amazed to read a top online presence blogger set out his steps to success yesterday. They were almost identical. I am on to something here! 

The listing says just a month`s access but I am getting Empire Avenue approval to edit this so disregard it. This is for life! item_id=30238882

I hope that you will take this chance


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Sharers Meta-circle VII:  This is a super circle, a meta circle of active plussers, circle sharers, focusing on photography and art. This is version VII, bigger, ) better, faster, wilder.  It's the only circle I share, and it's a good one. (and if you could, please look at my art and photography, that's why I do this - scroll down, I have lots of new and old good things)

Thanks to everyone who looked, shared, and commented.

Special kudos out to those who not only share, but post there own good things.

I am trying out informing those included in this one, so if you have concerns please comment.

Peace. James

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via +Moan Lisa 
Moan Lisa's All Kinds of People Shared Circle
09 August, 2014

RESHARE if you want to be included

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Very Important Circle

#specialcircle #topengagers #circleoftheday  #sundaycircle

Hi friends! This is an incredible circle, created with important selection from my another ten circles very importants.
In this circle there are only engagment people. 
If you want to enlarge your circle, you have to reshare this circle. So, do you want to enlarge your circle? And now, what are you waiting for?

The most important engager is reshared, because only with it we could enlarge the our circle.

if you want to be part of the next  Special Cirlce V.27:

1 - include me in your circles 
3 - shared the circle (include yourself) 
4 - add +1 to the post 
5 - happy life and sun is sunshine. 

More you share more you are great.

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**Rainbow circle TOP carefully selected valuable  engagers, loyal followers ****
A circle contains valuable people of different professions , from different countries, Google plus lovers : photographers, social media,  marketing, food lovers, medicine, IT, sport , music,
Your '' sharing'' would be much appreciated!! Sharing circles helps you to be added to the next circle and getting more followers as well .
If  you  are not in and you would like to be part of the next circle please
- Comment  below
-Add this circle to your circles,  a main request.
 Your sharing would be much appreciated

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W A N T  T O  B E  C I R C L E D  C I R C L E  
(For all sorts of people and pages, everyone is welcome)  

Please Share this Circle in Your Stream.

Here's an opportunity to be included in a great circle and be added by others. No qualifications needed, just follow the "how to be considered" rules below.  

For anyone looking for new content in their stream, click on the link that says "Add Circle" to bring lots of different aspects of Google Plus to your stream..  

This Circle is shared every Wednesday. Those included are briefly reviewed (no spammers or sites that violate Google Plus rules will be added), and NOT automatically added.  

To be considered:  
1- Add our G+ Page to your circles  
2- Ask to be included in the Original post  
3- Re-share this circle in your stream  
4- You must follow Google Rules (no spammers)  
5- We will check your stream before adding you  
6- If you're in the circle already, please re-share  at least once a month.
7- Pages with no activity for 30 days will be taken off

Current Circles  

Published Mondays 

Published Wednesdays 

Published Thursdays:

Published Fridays:

#wanttobecircledcircle         #addmetoyourcircles           #circles           #circlescirclescircles           #circleshare       #circleshare

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via +Michael B. 
Share and be shared V6  !!!
For plussers who want to share and be shared 
Start the weekend sharing a little love ! 
ADD and SHARE this circle for a wide variety of funny, interesting and active people,
who will  *make your stream rock !* 

If you want to be in this circle :
1. Leave a comment
2. Recommend friends who are willing to re-share, too. (optional)
3. Re-share this post
If you want to stay in this circle :
-  reshare

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Originally shared by ****
#growthcircle   #circleshare   This is my 16th circle share of this circle and I hope to get over 400+ shares and continue to grow this as time goes on.  This should increase Google Plus comments and plus ones.  

This is a circle I created a few months ago and am now sharing with you in hopes that we can all benefit and grow our online presence.  

This circle rewards those who take part in interaction as seen below..  


Everyone in this circle continues to add followers.  


1. Plus the post  
2. Share the post  
3. Add the circle if you can, if not try again later.  
4. Request to be added in comments or let me know if you should be in it and for some reason are not.

Make sure to check out my social media blog at

For all you SEO and social media marketing needs visit my company

#sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircles   #circlesharing   #circleshared   #publiccirclesproject   #publicsharedcircles   #circleoftheday #google #Bosmol   #BosmolCircle  

I am confident that together we can get this to over 400+ plusses

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Wednesday, the 2nd April'14
This circle is named as the:-

▁ ▂ ▅ ▇ █Core circle of 251 Gem stones █ ▇ ▆ ▂ ▁ 

Who are They?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Bloggers,Writers,Poets,Musicians,Photographers,Business persons,Architects,Teens & last but no the least My Good Friends in my circle. I personally designed this circle by mixing these people & adding many new novices who are interested to be the part of the circle.

What to do?
☛ Add the circle.
☛ Share in your Public stream.
☛ Reshare in the other circle sharing communities.
☛ If you are not in this circle+reshare it then you will be included next time.(Just after reshare inform me so that if you are not in my circle, i can reserve you for the next circle share.)

N.B-->(The most important thing you should know.)
The people in this circle who won't reshare it, will be excluded the next time. The purpose of this rule is to maintain Activity, Dedication, Caring & the most important is to Gain your followers.

Many thanks to these amazing plussers of all the time & all these Active people in G+.

Have Fun! Enjoy the Circle! Good day!
▌│█║▌║▌║ ㋡㋡㋡㋡㋡㋡㋡㋡㋡㋡║▌║▌║█│▌
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