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This community takes place in a different timeline, so the world isn't exactly the same. Instead, we have different countries and continents, Dragethra being the continent this community takes place. I encourage you to form an empire and take as many counties as you can. Keep in mind that you can start alliances, as well as wars with others!

The year is 1000. Dragethra is a fairly new continent, born from the death of the Liberation War which was fought from 100 to 500. The war was fought between three different empires who ruled over Dragethra, or as it was known as back then, "Asrevia". Before this war, it is said that an unknown gods created the planet, starting life and everything today.

The Liberation War was fought between the Brildon Empire, the Erelia Empire and the Rolianus empire. It is said that the Brildon Empire was able to defeat its enemies. The Erelia Empire crumbled quickly, falling in 30 and that the next 70 years was a harsh battle between the Brilldons and the Rolianus. As Emperor Siredus Rolianus died, he uttered the words: "Dragethra will be mine, and I shall rule it as a god." Nobody's certain of what happened to the Brilldon Empre, it is speculated that it simply disbanded, warning if what wars do to lands.

Imagine a Civilisation X Skyrim kinda RP here. :3


1.) Follow template

2.) Wait for approval, tag me if needs be

3.) Do try to keep swearing to a minimum

4.) No autohitting or godmodding

5.) Enjoy, or die. :)


Quote (Optional)





Place Of Birth

Family (Optional)

- Golden Human
The Golden Humans are descendants of the Ancient Humans. The Ancient Humans were worshippers of the unknown gods and were typically mocked and seen as inferior to other races.This all changed when the gods rewarded their services and transformed them into new breeds of human, Golden Humans being one of them. Golden Humans are known for their incredible talent with manufacturing of armours and weapons. They are spectacular with one-handed weapons and pick up on combat teachings quicker than other races.

Speller Humans
Speller Humans are another type of humans created by the gods, they are gifted with magic that can overwhelm, paralyse and confuse their enemies. They make great teachers, being able to grasp at their own knowledge and gift it those who they wish to pass their skills down to. It is tradition for their to be a Speller King/Queen, who's power surpasses that of other Speller Humans. When the Speller Prince/Princess takes over, the previous monarch will pass their skill down to them if they wish to.

- Neko
One of the most adorable species but not to underestimated, the Neko species are a mixture between a furred animal and a human. They tend to be very persuasive, stealthy and usually very good with magical spells and curses.

- Pawion
Dog-like creatures that one day appeared at Dragethra from an unknown land. They are known for their soft fur that has been known to cure diseases and has been used in medicine. The Pawion became known for being quicker than any other species, effective fighters who are very resistant to diseases with brilliant reaction times.

- Nature Elf
The Nature Elves are the first elves to wander the Earth. They are talented in using the environment to their advantage, adapting to new lands quickly, they are survival experts and almost immune to almost every disease. They tend to be very alluring and great at misleading their foe. They make incredible archers.

- Shadow Elf
The Shadow Elf are quite strange elves and were created when a Nature Elf attempted to create a child with their vampire lover. They expected a half-vampire, half-elf child but were incredibly surprised to see that they had twins and both were a new breed of Elf, the Shadow Elf. They are incredible at stealth and dark magic, conjuring dark forces to aid them in battle.

- Pure Elf
Beautiful elves that were created when a group of Nature Elves ate from a blessed, holy fruit when they had nothing else to eat and were slowly dying. They found that they had become a new breed of Elf, the Pure Elves. They are brilliant at creating life with their powers and using healing spells.

- Felion
Much like the neko, they are masters of stealth but tend to have better senses than them but at the price of persuasion. They are actually probably the least effective when it comes to convincing people to follow their narrative but make up for it with their mastery of sneak and sharp objects.

- Scaleus
Scaly creatures, large lizard and dragon humanoids known to able to breathe fire or ice from they huge mouths. They make excellent climbers and physical fighters. It is considered treacherous to most of them to marry anyone who isn't one of them.

- Vampire
Creatures of the night, they are masters of manipulation. These people tend to hide who they are, due to the mass hatred of their kind. They are portrayed as heartless, ugly murders despite them acting hardly any different from regular people. They have incredible eyesight and climbing skills.

- Werebeast
Normal people who have the ability to transform into a Werebeast at will or when any full moon is out. What they turn into is what they were infected by. The Werebeasts that exist are Werewolves, tigers, lions, alligators, sharks, bears, eagles, cat, rabbit, bull and boars.

- Zombie
Walking corpses, this species weren't always what they were, they made a deal with an unknown force to come back and have more time on Earth, but with one consequence; they will not enter the heaven of the gods but rather the realm of the force they promised

- Orcs
Orcs are either green or brown skinned brutes, known for their incredible physical strength and commendable for their strategic genius. They are known to anger fairly quickly but are one of the most romantic species to exist.

- Merperson
A merperson is a mixture between a human and a fish. They are despised by civilised people, known to drown their unsuspecting people. One can turn into one if a merperson takes them to lair and performs a ritual. They are known to work together extremely well due to their Hive Mind leadership.

You may also be a degenerate species.

As well as mythological species:

And the mischievous species:


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Home: a country that no longer exists as it had been devided by the two bordering lands
Specie: golden human
Gender: Attack helicopter
Name: Kenneth Smythe VI
Age: 18
Gender: male
Specie: human
Family: King Kenneth Smythe V (father, deseased), Queen Alexia Smythe (mother, deseased), Princess Emeline Smythe (elder sister, deseased), Prince Elliott Smythe (younger brother, deseased), Prince Shamus Smythe (younger brother, deseased), Princess Adeline Smythe (younger sister, deseased), and some uncles, aunts, nieces and cousins (all deseased)
Skills: swordsmanship; archery; horse riding; mounted swordsmanship; speaking, reading and writing in: English, France, Dutch, German, Spanish, Latin, Norwegen, Manderain; piano; great historical knowledge; logistics; math; map reading; poetry; knows many old famous books; wine tastic and last but not least, fine manners
Bio: 3 years ago he was the Prince of the land, hear to the Throne, following in the footsteps of his father, King Kenneth Smythe V, Kenneth the strong. His father had won many great wars, but was braught down trough the cooperation of two countries. After the raging war with one ended and peace was decleared, the other struck full force on the day of peace declaration, having all the knowledge needed to turn a festive day into a grand battle field. The loss was great and the war was heading to a fatal end, but the king did not give up, standing untill the bitter end with his loyal men at his side. But as he fell in battle, the enemy army marched on trough the city and into the castle halls. Some of the royal family bravely faced the end, but the young were send to escape, though the enemy would not let them, knowing that their survival could lead to future rebelions as people want the hear to the throne on the throne, so all but one were captured and publicly executed. Only Kenneth escaped, having gotten away by tossing his clothes to the side and running off blindly in just a cloth, unrecogniseble. He got beat up by some enemy guards, but they did not recognise him for his sunset eyes werent recogniseble in the light of the sea of fire. And so he escaped, watching his family get executed from a distance, the enemy convinced it was all of them. He had to watch in silent horror. And so started his life as a homeless man, wearing old ragged clothes and hiding his true identity. He now knows first hand how terrible the street life is and hopes to one day be king as he is ment to be and help the poor of the land, for a king should be ashamed of that there are people living such horrible lives within his kingdom. But, this dream seams out of reach as he has been forgotten, the land split evenly between the cooperating countries, the people continuing with their lives without giving any real notice to the poor boy, only some spare change from the occasional kind heart. 
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Name: Antonio (Anton) Blanko
Age: 17
Gender: male
Rank: Thief
Mental state: a bit messed up
Weapons: he has more knifes then you think
Skills: stealth, knife fighting, knife trowing, balancing, confusing the hell out of people
Bio: he got a bit messed up after alot of domestic abuse and eventually killed his parrents. He lives on the street now and steals to make a living. He was offered to become an assassin but he denied, he didn´t feel comfortable with it. But he does side with them and sometimes helps them out trough info and tips and randomly joining in in a fight.
Home: He has a hideout where he resides and collects stuff, he´s a bit of a herder and has a bunch of useless stuff and a nice collection of weapons. 
Place of Birth: Marbleflower

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Name: Naria
Age: 17
Gender: female
Weapons: her tailons
Place Of Birth: (I'll check again later >.< )
Family: a pack of harpies out in the wild
Species: Harpy
Bio: she grew up surrounded by other harpies, but the pack also had some rules, she isn't too big of a fan of those rules, she wanted to follow her heart and explore the world. She may not be the brightest but she surely is the bravest. So, about a year ago, she flew off, ready to explore the world, not afraid of what might happen. Little did she know of the crazy stuff she was getting herself into as she ventured into a world full of cities and monsters... But hey, what could possibly go wrong!?

(egnore the kinda fingers on the wings)

( for Roaken da Mofo )

news had reached you that in your land a harpy had been caught, and a pritty one too, not brightly coloured but still nice. So, they come to show you the beast and gift it to your highness. Hey, it's better then some fags giving a tree to the pope which some people do >.> Anyway, when they arrive, they arrive empty handed, claiming the harpy had escaped overnight. So much for an exotic pet....

( using Naria)

things went bad, you haven't eaten in days, your belly rumbles, you can only sleep from exhaustion. You sleep alone in the forest, but early in the morning you wake up from something soft nudging you. You wake up to see a harpy, she looks sad and concerned. In her mouth is a lizard which she offers to you, trying to help

Where on the community are the degrated and mythical species?

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