We will be at It's Gametime tonight around 6pm. Hope you can join us!

Mondays are FFG game nights at It's Gametime now. So, we will be there tomorrow (January 23rd) around 6pm. Hope you can join us!

Quorum is out tomorrow (January 11) and we will be at It's Gametime around 6pm. Hope you can join us!

We will be at It's Gametime tomorrow (December 1st) around 6pm. Hope you can join us!

It's Gametime is doing a Netrunner GNK this Sunday, November 20th at 1pm. I hope you can make it!

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get back into Netrunner and do more playing! Just wondering if people are still playing at Hi De Ho on Tuesdays and Next Gen on Wednesdays. The most recent post about it was 30 wks ago, so I just wanted to confirm. Thanks for all your help! Hope to get some playing in soon!

We're not doing Hi De Ho on Wednesdays anymore because they tape a podcast there at 8pm... instead we'll be doing HDH on Tuesdays, starting around 6:30.  Not sure if Next Gen is still happening on Wednesdays.

Anyone at next-gen or hi de ho this afternoon for some games?

Hey all! I recently picked up a lot of cards off eBay to start playing!

..looks like it's pretty much all the core set - the 1x's but a ton of stuff from all expansions. I live near NextGen and was probably gonna swing by there on Wednesday to play a bit.

Anyone gonna head over? Thanks for letting me join the party (get it?! LAN PARTY?!!? -_- ) !

Just in case anyone still isn't part of the GroupMe group... Hi De Ho is going to be full of Magic players today, but some of us have tomorrow (MLK Day) off of work and are planning on playing at HDH.
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