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(has ability to cast flame magic and enables me to transform by shouting out the word farize and has the function of switching to any types of weapon of my choosing, but it's just an ordinary sword if my partner is not operating the sword that I am holding, basically if she is not around I can't do any thing except swing the sword around hoping to hit).

Personally:lazy but helps Ally's when needed, and decides my fate.

Loves: to eat,sleep

Dislikes: fate I did not approve, lectures, homework, working.

Backstory:i was walking in to the city of zelwinds (starving and hoping for people to donate me some bread) when the city young men walk to me and noticed that I am new to the city I am in, when I noticed a sword impailed to the ground
(apparently from what I heard from the young men from the city that the sword impailed to the ground is called a fury, that is a old God weapon thing)
as I ask the young men from the city "if I pull out the fury will something cool happen the young men said this "if you will a fury any wish will be granted".
(for some reason only the chosen who will a fury called the fencer that are sword specialist that holds a fury).
after that I walk up to the fury weapon to pull out of the ground wheni pull it out of the ground a light came flashing at me from the sword and a fairy pop out of the sword to tell me something about reviveing the goddess, while I would rather went my wish on the food before any thing else when she literally ignored my wish, and started talking nonsense till the point she later say that I need to collect all 100 furys around the earth, when she ask me to join her with her conquest on collecting all the furys to revive the goddess, I would refuse her offer
(as it is a chore to walk all over the world just to collect all the furys).
And I would go separate ways with her, after that incident I started to feel hungry and I took the nearest food around me which is a bread shop I ate the bread as I thought it was a free sample when I heard loud footsteps I immediately look to the direction and I saw a group of guards running to words me and arrested me for stealing a bread.
Three days later as I was sleeping in prision I heard footsteps walking towards my Heavenly prison bar cell and ask me to wake up a few times until she started to yell at my prison cell and I slowly wake up from my Heavenly cage I am in, later she ask me to make a run for it, as I ask her on who is gonna run then she said "you obviously" soon after all the that long lecture an then said "you have a duity as a fencer remember"as she said.
After that she does her best to convince me not to retire at prision,
(reason for calling the prison Heavenly is in prison I get to have free food and as much sleep as I want).
After her long lecture for me not stealing bread and had convinced me to run away from prison, after running out of prison some of the guards spotted us as it leaves me one option that is to let her make a sacrifice for the guards to save me.
(the reason why escaping prison is so easy is because Eyrn the girl that is a fairy, uses her sleeping magic to put all of the guards to sleep not letting them know we are escaping).
Later she said "for the last time I am not your slave". Then she said "use me fang, use the power of the fury". She said suddenly she became a ball of light and goes in to the sword.
After that I am fighting an numbered battle
(she also stated that I can sit powerful attack combos to dominate my enemies)
(which i personally thing it is useless)
Until she mentioned that I can use magic, after hearing that I started chanting a spell at make the food come out but nothing happened, after that she said "it's not that kind of magic it's attack magic got it" then I said "ar...that is not useful at all" then she said "at times like it is what it's most useful, now let's go" after that I wipe the floor with the guards and surprised that it would be strong.
(well it's because I am awesome after all)
Then she said "see we did it and this is the bond between you and me".
After that I said "well I thought a bond would be a hassle but if it can let me bust out awesome moves liked that I guess its not that bad"after that she still ask me to revive the goddess after that useless talk, I told her that I am not interested I'm gonna go separate ways with you again, as I started to walk away she said "WAIT.....i have no memories". Then I said "hmm....your memories are gone" later she said "yea I know that I need to revive the goddess but I don't know how,so......." then I said "so..... What" then she thought of something and said "fine just leave me alone" I kept quiet and she said "I must be annoying to you right, well this fairy won't be bothering you anymore" in a about to cry tone, and in the same tone she said "I would be waiting till I'm just a rugged cloth
Waiting at some lonely back alley, and never get to my memories of who I was
(she sniffles) I'm so pettyfull". As I am quite speechless and I have no choice but to follow her drama and I said this "well as annoying this whole fury quest sounds I'd be more annoyed if I don't return the favor".
Soon she recoverend from making me feel guilty an said "right.right.right see you are a really nice guy after all" then I said "but I have one condition" she said "a...condition " soon more guards appears and rune my speech and I got annoyed that I have to fight those types of guys again, (after entering combat she mentioned that I can transform by shouting out fairize) she kind of said this "now that your tenstion high enough you can farize" next I said "farice...is that some sort of fried rice" as she lectures me I say "what does this faride thing even do" then she say that I have to shout fairize then I said "shout it out all right FARICE.....hm.... Hm... Hm... Hm..... Nothing happened I just look like an baka just now". then she said "you ARE an baka it's pronounced as fairize this time make sure you pronounce the z " after that lecture both me and her shout FAIRIZE an I started to do some weird pose by throwing the sword upwards and it started to stab me in the stomach and later I came out just fine being stabbed and somehow I managed to grab hold of my sword well nvm after that I destroyed the guards as they stand no chance.
Soon after she ask me about my condition
This is my condition
I am the one who decides my fate, even if I have to will my existence, make sure you never forget that

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I'm fang
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I'm fang's fairy partner Eyrn

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Name: Fang



Race: humen


weapon:sword (can switch into any weapon mode if Eyrn is around other then that it's just a ordinary weapon if Eyrn is not with me)

Magic:none (only if I am with me Eyrn)


Likes: food, sleep, helps Ally's in trouble, and(games)

Dislikes:homework, work, those that defys my conditions (my condition is at my profile feel free to check)

Bio: Fang meets Eyrn when he pulls out a fury and after 3days they are finally going on an adventure together to collect all 100 furys from all over the world while finding clues to Eyrn's lost memories.(the actual number of furies is currently still unknown but we can assume that there are more then 100furys in the world so yea)
Occupation :fang's partner😒
Magic:flame magic, and sleeping magic😁

Ability:able to shrink, able to let Fang borrow some of her magic by turning her self in to a small glowing ball of light to go in to the red circle as you see at the sword and allow fang to transform when the both of them shout fairize at the same time😆

Personally: carefree, cheerful, wants to revive the goddess to put an end to the vile God evil powers that destroys earth.

Likes: to eat something sweet, the revival of the goddess and to make me and fang's bonds stronger 😊

Dislikes:Fang treating me as a slave, people who talk high and mighty, hates to lose 😡

Backstory:well I don't have any memories about my past but one thing is for sure is that I will revive the goddess to bring peace to the world. Hare is the story about me meeting Fang 😊
When fang willed my fury I broke out of my seal to teach Fang to be a full plague fancer and telling him my name while Fang's first word he'd say was "give me some food"and he said the same thing while telling me his name.and when I invite Fang to travel with me to revive the goddess, he rejected my offer 😡he not only just walk away like that but he also tried to steal some bread and thought he could get away with it....but😢at lest he offer a helping hand to me when I have no memories. Thanks to Fang I hope I can get along with him quite well through out our adventures together to collect all the furies and revive the goddess soon before any bad fencers would revive the vile God just for them to control the world. 💝🍬
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This is my New Profile

Name: Lilith Forrester

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Likes: Being treated like a Princess, Being waited on Hand and Foot, Sweets

Dislikes: Being Ignored, Not being treated like a Princess, Not Being waited on Hand and Foot

Bio: I am Lilith.I'm from the Lilith Kingdom.Its Quite far off.I moved here for a reason.Because mother wants me to got to "Public School".I'm here but I won't enjoy it!I am a real Princess!I was born into the Royal Family!


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Indra Hatake




Indra usually uses hand to hand combat skills in fights. He has defeated several master class martial artists without his use of magic. When he does uses magic he basically enhances his body to move faster, improve his reflexes and increase his strength. Indra also uses a gun to materialize his magic spells, but perfers not to use it unless the situation calls for it. When Indra casts spells he specializes in creation and destruction magic. Indra is a specialist at using curses and sealing magic.

Indra likes chocolate and sour candy. He also likes to drink herbal tea. On his down time he likes to go for a run.

Clubs: Drama

Indra doesn’t care for anyone who disrespects others and will usually put people in their place when they're wrong. He also hates being around stuff animals as they freak him out.

Indra is usually a calm person around other people. He always tries to be friendly but he rarely smiles which causes others to distance themselves from him.

Indra grew up in a decent home, he discovered his magical ability while practicing kendo in the mountains.
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Name:TheCyborgKid Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: God and Satan and Cyborg (does cyborg count?)
Likes: Protecting others/ Being a bit of a perv/ Being around friends and family
Dislikes: arrogant people/ people who hit on my gf or my sister (even if you make them cry)
Bio: That is top secret/ classified
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Thanks For The Invite!!!!!

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Name: Crystal/Rom
Clubs: actually never plans on being in one
Likes: my special someone
Dislikes: studying and people hurting my friends
Bio: I'm rom a half Satan half god my parents,my original parents, were Satan and god from a different realm but I'm a layed back girl unless someone hurts my special someone who I will not say
+Million Arthur Mirionasa here's one from your template

Name Crystal/rom
Age 18
Gender female
Species half Satan half god
Personality kind friendly etc
Relationship married to +Million Arthur Mirionasa
Likes,food,food and food
Dislikes: rude people,out of food
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