hey im looking for someone who know how to code for my open world sandbox game im pretty good at making models and texturing so..... any questions? 

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An idea for an Assassins creed game. "assassins creed: cyber shadows". the game takes place in the year: 2074, so instead of playing as the characters ancestor, you play as the characters son. (assassin's name: Michael Lameo) (Fathers name: Jonathan Lameo). the location this game takes place at is: Manhattan, NY. 

Hi im looking for someone who does (or knows about ) level design for a videogame company. I have a few questions 

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Kid Soldier & the Military troop cats G-Dash Character Line up Gameplay HD 06 Full Trailer

Japanese: コミックガンソルジャーズG-ダッシュ

Gameplay Featuring Characters from Heathcliff & the catillac cats.

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This Gameplay Trailer of Kid Soldier and the Military troop cats G-dash.
the Updated enhanced version of Kid Soldier PC advance 6
Massively Faster and Intense Pace Difficulty.
Kid Soldier G-dash Gameplay 10 playable Characters
Kid Soldier,Kid Striker,Beast Soldress,Heathcliff,Hector,Wordsworth & Mungo,Riff Raff,Cleo and leroy.

The Gameplay Allows Players choose 5 of number of Character to play in mission in 38 Stages Combenating Run and shooting with real time Melee fighting mechanics and Arial Fighting mechanics signature special moves and throwing and smashing enemies with heavy physical attacks send enemies flying and crashing to objects and environments Intense action and devastating mayhem.
Tag attacks attacks allows switching by hitting enemies while switching characters. Dodging & now parrying mechanic that player hold shooting button press any direction when enemy are getting and hitting that builds up your energy bar. The has 2 player co-op
mode and story mode as well. 1 player controls 2 3 characters 2 player controls 2 characters plus team based specials and physical attacks as well. the main objective is to stop the evil dictator general mace from world domination destruction.

Kid Soldier G-dash is a upgraded version of Kid Soldier & the Military troop cats PC advance 6 will faster gameplay a new
story revolving Vulissa kitesani and her allies including the new character Kid Diablo. & Returning Characters Herby& Bush & Pecks from Heathcliff & the Catillac cats.
Kid Soldier G-dash will include other Characters to increase the roster and the stages.
New Gun weapons and item,Special Moves,Explosive Furious Action. the 1 Young veteran in Red and 4 multi color Cats as the 5 commandos Blowing for Action!

Confirmed Characters:
Kid Soldier
Kid Striker
Riff Raff
Beast Soldress

10 Playable Characters are all Confirmed for Kid Soldier G-dash.
with all Mechanics and New Gameplay Tweaks from the Previous Kid Soldier Games are all Returned.

Adding Brand New Characters Devastating Military attacks and Gun Weapons Keep up the Action and it's prior Mass.
Kid Soldier G-Dash © by Takeshi 2012,2015
© by Takeshi Media 2012,2015
Kid Soldier © by Takeshi,
Characters: Heathcliff © by Dic, & Creators & DHX Media.
Mysterious Cities of Gold © Ashi Production & Dic. All Rights Reserved.

Hello everyone! I am currently working on my degree in computer science (with an emphasis on programming). I have always wanted to design games since I was a kid growing up with the classics (final fantasy, legend of legaia, legend of dragoon, grandia, etc). I have been kicking an idea around for an epic tragedy storyline that is linear in its game play like the old games. So like any other writer I have taken to writing out the storyline. But what I want to ask the community is if you all have any suggestions for a new person getting started in his adventure? 

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I would like to introduce to you my new series called The Early Feedback - a series where I play games in early stage of the development giving some feedback and thoughts as a player and a level designer.

If you are interested in reviewing your game, just contact me :)

firs post in, like, a million years. Why don't you post anymore?!
I wanna program in unity. Can someone help?

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i am trying to start creating a game Will more than likely be for tablet. It will be a fps tower defense. I was wondering what the steps are. I have a gdd almost kinda done, I know how to do 3d and basic texturing. I have a friend maybe 2 who will prob do the programming side. 

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