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Looking for someone to create an amazing soundtrack for your video game?

Then look no further!
I have the passion and skills to help make your game succeed.

Check out what I have to offer:

- Will work within your budget

- Will help market your game on social media

- Excellent communication skills and friendly service

- A passion for both gaming and music
(I have been playing video games since the days of the Atari 2600)

- Diverse musical skillset

(In addition to making electronic music I also play acoustic/electric guitar, bass and sing and have been involved in an acoustic guitar band and a heavy metal band)

- 100% original - You own the rights to the music

- My ultimate goal is to create an iconic soundtrack for your videogame

Please check out some of my music here:

If you are interested contact me here:

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you and making some awesome music for your video game!

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Hi im a video game designer and i have a discord server for people that want to join/ help and get a percentage of the money made from it!

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As a gamer for over 35 years (Starting with the Atari 2600) I realize the importance of a solid video game soundtrack.
From a heart pounding boss battle theme to the ambient track when you know something is lurking just around the corner.

If you’re a video game developer or studio looking for someone to create an iconic soundtrack for your game then I would love to be the person to do it for you.

I have the tools, creativity and passion to enhance each mood that your game needs.
I can create a retro/midi soundtrack for you, or I can do a more polished and modern sound production.
I am flexible and will work within your budget.
Please check out my Soundcloud page and contact me via email if you are interested.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
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Greetings Everyone!

Here are some new free tracks to kick off February:

On the Events/Travel 2 Page:
"Soaring Over the Heartland"

On the Fantasy 8 page:
"Troubled Forest" (Looping)
"Stroll Through a Strange Land" (Looping)

And on the Puzzle 3 page:
"Platform Puzzler" (Looping)
"Light Puzzles" (Looping)

Have a good week!

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Hello, my name is Jesse I am the leader of a new indie game development company called Blackhawk. We are currently working on a semi-big project called The Experiment. The Experiment is a psychological horror about a young man named Joseph being captured by an un-named government agency and is put through a series of tests to test the limits of the human mind. Joseph has to fight his way through 8 levels all being a different theme of horror. The Experiment has a compelling story, difficult puzzles, and an overall terrifying experience. We are using the Unreal Engine so everyone that applies must be able to work in UE4. Everyone in this project is getting 6.25% of Net Profits for 2 years after the first live game is released, more info on pay when you join.

What we need:
Environment Artist: Need someone to be able to help create the terrifying levels by strategically placing props in the environment to go along with the story and fit the environment. Must have a good eye for where things go and a good imagination. Would be awesome if you could do a little bit of modeling as well but you don't have too. Must also be able to do lighting for the game.

Programmers: Need a programmer to be able to work in C++ because that is what UE4 uses. We do not want to make this game just using blueprints so i would prefer to have someone that can do both. You will be doing this such as triggered events, 5 space inventory HUD, Pickup System, Flashlight, Advanced AI that will check certain spots (hiding spots) patrol around the environment and overall be very smart, and more.

3D Modelers: We need 3D modelers to be able to make all the props we need which is a lot. The 3D modeler should be able to texture as well using whatever texturing software. We have substance painter with the team so you can use it if you need. Must be able to make good looking models we arent going for low poly but we arent going for photo realistic either (you will see once you are in what how realistic to make the props). Must be able to make things like kitchen sets, interior parts, body parts, ripped open bodies, guts, butcher props, characters and more.

Sound: Need someone to make all the sound effects for the game such as chase scenes, main menu scene etc.

Cinematics: Need someone to be able to create all of the cinematics in the game using UE4.

Voice Actors: Need voice actors with a good mic preferably over 18 because most of the characters are over 18. Once you apply we will tell you the characters needed and you can choose who you want to voice over need males and females.

If you are interested join our discord group below, you will be put into a waiting room where we will ask you a few questions. Just please when you join do not go offline and sit in the waiting room you will be removed. When you join please tell us what you are applying for and we will get to you as soon as possible. Also this is a big project so if you are considering joining please have a good amount of free time atleast 2 hours a day working on the project. We also ask that you are over 18 to join. If you are under 18 you will need parent permission and to really be able to work hard because we have had some join underage and slack, we don't want slackers. If you join and do not put in the work you will be removed. Here is the discord link
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