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“You insufferable human, do you know what terrors I've seen...the horrors of the truth? Do you even understand the meaning of true fear?"

“You want me to tell you why I hate humans? You tell me one good reason why I shouldn't."

“What you lack in lack in intellect ah-...actually, it would be a lie to say you make up for it in anything else."


“I am Griffin Lyskandor, not that it matters. I don't plan on making acquaintances."


“The Masked Marauder is what most call me because of my love for wearing masks."


“17, if you must know"


“I am a male if you haven't already noticed"


“February 26th at 5:43 p.m if I'm remembering correctly"


“Everyone, I want to crush everyone...what do you mean that's not what you meant?


“I think delinquent or loner would suit me."


“6'6 I'm taller than you by far"


“126lb. I know, 'Wow Griffin, you're such a light weight' yeah yeah shutup."


“Drama club obviously."

|Social class|

“I'm an Upper classmen..."


“Half-demon...I'm a half-demon, if you've got a problem you can shove it up your-... nevermind"


“I used to be a prince, a god. I used to be treated with respect and I was feared among my people. Then...after that night...I became a demon lost in the world of humans. So I guess you could say I'm simply a humble mask maker."


“This'll be my first year."


“If you haven't already been able to tell, I hate your kind. 'But Griffin, you don't know my kind' exactly. I hate literally everyone and I can trust nobody anymore..."


“I can see clearly in the dark as easy as you would see the screen of a television. I can hover, but not fly which is weird but I'm not complaining. I can regenerate in a matter of seconds. Should a human come into my presence, it will get an odd feeling, and a chill will run down it's spine. Lastly, I can sense other demons nearby just faintly, like when you have to sneeze but it goes away."


“Since I am only half demon, I have a restricted amount of powers but I'm not saying I can't kill you. First off, as any normal demon I have a demonic form, but unlike normal demons, I don't have a ultimate form. I find it tedious to have one anyway, storing so many forms can drain your power drastically. Such is why I am more agile than others. Lastly, if I wish, I can take control of a person's mind. Though it is fairly easy, it only works on the weak minded and confused. Before I forget,I wanted to tell you that my demonic form has all my powers amplified by my anger. If it helps to know, its hard to anger me. Last but not least is Satan's soul. A spell-like technique I learned from my old man. Should I use it on myself, my shadow will be given its own mind, and will be able to move about even if I stay in one spot. Should I use it on humans or other creatures, darkness shall blood their eyes until either I spare them or they crumble with insanity. Should I use it on demons, their dark sides shall be exploited until the good I'm then had subsided."


“I like cats...and sweets...mostly my masks"


“I hate anything not a demon basically"


“I have no friends, allies, or even acquaintances and I don't need any..."


“Everything, and everyone everywhere..."


“I love my pet cat Shadow. She's very clumsy but I still love her."


I sigh Here come the critics. My hair is black and messy, the way I like it, my eyes are crimson red and they stare into your mortal soul. And my mask is a simple white."


“If I don't like you, why would I tell you ANYTHING about my past? You're lucky I told you everything I already have."

|Theme song|

“Throne by Bring Me The Horizon look it up."
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Name: Taven Hancock
Age: 16
Birthday: 4/17/2000
Crush: none
Year: 1st
Club: Martial arts
Likes: Music, the paranormal, mythology, P.E., Martial arts, cold weather
Dislikes: hot weather, silence, History, English, rain
Personality: short tempered, trickster, loner, otherwise a nice guy
Bio: as a baby, he fell out of his mothers decaying corpse after she hung herself from the tree in her backyard. A neighbor found him in the yard that day, when he heard Taven crying. The neighbor raised him as his own until Taven found out who his mother was. After that, he ran away and lived in a forest for a few years. When he left the woods, he heard a Metallica concert and has been listening to their music ever since.

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Name: Drake Magenta
Age: 31
Class: P.E.
Likes: wide open spaces, dodgeball, making the students happy, throwing parties
Dislikes: sitting around doing nothing, giving out a failing grade, violence
Personality: fun-loving, nice, slightly disturbed, and a bit scary
Bio: werewolf-vampire hybrid with dementia, PTSD, and the crazy he was born with. He loves to have fun, he throws a party for his students if they all have honor roll in his class. Students always love him. Some days, he doesn't show up to the high school because his emotions and hallucinations get the best of him. Not many people know this though

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Name: Star

Age: 18

Birthday: June 24

Crush: +Ako Tamaki

Year: 3rd

Club: Gaming

Personality: Star is an emo who is also a very warm and caring person and will do anything to protect the ones that she cares about. She is also a gamer and a little bit of a drinker, but she only drinks about once a week.

Likes: Music, video games, friends, sleeping, anime, nature

Dislikes: Anyone who tries to hurt her friends and loved ones, hurting people, enemies

Bio: Star was raised by abusive parents in a small town with nothing but fights, stealing, and other illegal things. She was always getting picked on at school and always beaten up, and her parents always made it worse. When she turned 10, her father tried to kill her, but she was able to escape. Now all she wants to do is continue her life in peace with no violence.
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