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Kymera, The Black Moon
Post Apocalypse, thousands of years into the future, an alien race has attacked and has enslaved most of the planet..The campaign has an antagonist race of genetically modified super villains, magnetic ore that enhances tech, crossbows that shoot money, Dogmen, Mongoose people, Humans, Birdmen, and Snakes with arms, oh my!.. its got Nanotech (Magic), Nanite Dust, my version of Ley Lines, Bioware, Dragons, Chimera, Ghosts, and Giants...No Orcs, No Goblins, and No Swords! Think of it as a Science Fantasy Adventure theme like John Carter of Mars, but the planet is a jungle and forest environment instead of desert,

This is a new campaign world for the Savage Worlds RPG that I am writing.

I have created it in a OneNote Notebook (of course), and I was wondering if sharing this notebook with everyone would help them understand how to use OneNote better for campaign building.

Please let me know by hitting the +1 button and in the comments.

P.S. This campaign is a work in progress and I would love to have your feedback on what you like and don't! (Constructive, Please) Maybe even play test some of it with me...... Game On!

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So I call this style "Alternating Quad Rule." I'd love to find a blank version of this I could use for pseudo hex maps. Anyone seen this style before?

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Here is another great example of a hand drawn encounter spread.... This one comes from Black Pudding Magazine (A PWYW - OSR Fanzine)....I especially love the use of HP BUBBLES!!!! Page 1 of a 2 page spread.

Link to BP#2


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Encounter Template from my very own BuJo!

Black ink are my notes; Red ink are quick blurb explaining what the notes mean! 

I'm starting a new Star Wars Age of Rebellion game, and want to run the whole thing from a bullet journal. Here is my thinking so far:

Fronts I'm going to run the game as an Apocalypse World style open story, so fronts are the way to organize that. In the journal, each Front gets its own page. NPCs are listed with their Front, and if they are important enough, get their own entry.

NPCs Stat block and motivations to start with, then a log of everything that happens with that character. Things they would know and remember about the characters especially. Each NPC gets their own page.

Planets/Locations Not sure of the granularity here. I was originally thinking of having a page for each Location and Planet, but Star Wars doesn't really seem to make that distinction. Most of the time, planets and locations on planets are synonymous.

Player Characters Each player gets a page. No stats, but just a log of things that are important to the character from the GM's perspective.

Indices I'm thinking each of those areas would have their own index. On the "main" index, it would have a list for "Locations". That page has an index of Locations in the book. That would keep the main index from being overwhelmed.

Sessions Each gaming session gets an entry. This would be similar to how a daily entry works in a regular bujo. I would start the entry when I start thinking about what I want to happen during the session. Think of those as a series of tasks. Then during/after the session, I write down things that happened that I need to remember. Who did what, what got said, etc. That will help me drive the next session.

I don't really see a need for a calendar or weekly spreads. I could see a kind of story log calendar, dates when important things in the story happened, but not for real world scheduling. We're going to be meeting on fixed days of the week, so a weekly spread would be wasted.

Thoughts? Feedback?

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I have been using moleskine notepads for my gaming preparations for a long time now. My main problem has always been to be able to reference things, because related matters can be pages apart depending on when they were written.
I use a numbering system that was explained on the moleskine site (but I don't find it anymore). I made an explanation here.
Do you use something like that, maybe something else or handier?

I'm looking for good examples of gaming session spreads, and my Google Fu has failed me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Be it physical journals or online wikis, what Taxonomy do you use for your notes? Do you list animals and monsters in unique categories, or lump them in together? What hierarchies do you employ?

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Collection (or Lists)
There is something to be said of a creative list of stuff you need as a GM.
I have a number of collections in my journal. Some very specific and some more generic...I even have a lists of lists I need to make!
Here is my lists of lists (some are a work in progress and some I have yet to start! ...
NPC Names (Female, Male and Nicknames, on separate pages)
Town and City Names
Combat Descriptions (Brief) Such as 'Your blade bounces off his shield with a ring you hear for days'
Trappings Savage Worlds unique spell trappings & spell names
Twisted Adventure Ideas adventures to play in a different system
Adventure Seeds
Reason to Party Seeds
Hook Line and Sinker Ideas
Red Herrings to use on players
Chekhov's Gun ideas
Fantastic Locations and the game mechanics they bring to encounters
Triggers Google: Stan Shin Savage World Triggers for the GM
Hex Crawl Ideas
House Rules
Glossary of Game Systems I abbreviate game systems a lot in my journal and I sometimes forget what the abbreviation means, so I note them in this list and include a star rating system of my personal preferences.
Combat Encounter Plans taken from Combat Swipes book from
Mission Stat Blocks see note above
Cyphers ideas for my Numenera games
Phoenix: Dawn Command - Plots _Specific plots to try out in my Phx:DC game
Dungeon Masters Design Kit Template Ideas
Quips & Quotes statements used by npc during the free speech phase of the combat turn, usually tagged with Melee, Ranged, Spells, Misses, and Insults (again from Combat Swipes <yes I love this book!.>)

There is probably many many more... but you get the idea... write them down, note them on your index and next time you need them, they are a page turn away...... Game On!


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How do you use a KEY in your journal? My method explained in the article below...
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