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+midnight the wolf​ You look cancerous, I will do a bigger check on your profile tomorrow.

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Join for noscoping and dankness B)

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So perfect.
1st formula:

How to upset the whole Mario fandom

Step one: Join a Mario community
Step two: Say that the ship Mario x Peach is bad and not canon
Step three: Make a meme out of it and post it in the community
Step four: Watch the chaos you've created

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nice mice

+Super Sonic The Hedgehog
Look at the rules, there's specific rules for the fans of sonic.

This community is succefully hacked.

Thank you faggots. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

+Mario Da Best Premium Account +Count Bleck (Waluigi Miyamoto) +Prince Boo +Shalk Tiem +Yo Trash Invite people, do anything, but we need more people fast.

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Lol, bitch.
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