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Introduce yourself!

It has been a while since I created this group and I don't know many of you. Please introduce yourself below and tell us who you are, if you already teach online or would like to become an online teacher and what is the subject you are/will be teaching. I'm looking forward to learn about you all!

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Happy Friday! We all know that online teaching is not only about the teaching part, but also about marketing our courses. What is working for you for marketing your online courses? Do you have any tips or tricks? Let's discuss!

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Happy Friday!

Yesterday, I read this post about consumer interests in Online Learning. Very interesting read:

I am in IT learning and I'm happy to see that in Washington DC the rate of demand for IT & Software courses is 64% higher than in other cities.

What do you think? Can you relate to this article?

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Do you have any other tips for screencasting? Comment below!

Hello Online Teachers! I have been away for some time, but now I am back and ready to get back to be active in this group. We have almost 200 members now! Wow! I am working on some ground rules and ideas on what to do with this group and how to best learn from each other. What would you like to see? How would you best benefit from this group? Post below! Happy Sunday!

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