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Episode 1 of Arkansas Traveler Premieres Online Today

A gritty, dark adventure into the life and mind of a man released by forces ​beyond his ken from the grip of the bloody last days of the American Civil War.

Written by Sean Bridgers of Deadwood fame, Arkansas Traveler is the tale of Wayland McGlawhorn in the grips of the blood, death, and devil that are his experiences as a ruthless rebel soldier who just wants to get back home to his wife.But the aftermath of war has sown its pain far and wide.

Released by Travelin' Productions, co-founded by Bridgers and Michael "Ffish" Hemschoot (The Matrix, Master & Commander), the 2 founders co-directed the web series. Episode 1 of the series was released June 14, 2017, with plans to release all 6 episodes throughout the summer.

The series stars Garret Dillahunt as Wayland, with Angela Bettis and Sean Bridgers co-starring. Dillahunt and Bridgers were part of the award-winning cast of HBO's Deadwood series and Bridgers co-starred with Angela Bettis in the Lucky McKee horror film, The Woman.

The official Travelin' Productions page has links to the series premiere, Episode 1: Enter the Traveler - also on YouTube ( and Vimeo (

Series Cast & Crew

Garret Dillahunt - @garretdillahunt -
Angela Bettis -
Sean Bridgers - @seanbridgers -

Produced by:
Travelin' Productions - @travelinprods -
Michael "Ffish" Hemschoot - @michaelffish -
Sean Bridgers - @seanbridgers -
Ed Leydecker, ​Shane Seley (Wide Awake Films)​ - @wideawakefilms -

Directed by: Sean Bridgers and Michael "Ffish" Hemschoot
Written by: Sean Bridgers | Edited by: Ffish

Cinematography by: Shane Seley ​
VFX & Finishing by: Worker Studio - @workerstudio -

Digital Media Producer: Jason Cangialosi - @Cangialosi -

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DIRTY CUES is a satirical comedy-drama original series created by César Gamiño and Susie Lohse that just debuted. This original series is a NALIP (National Association of Latino Producers) 2015 Official Selection for their Latino Media Market as well as an Official Selection at HollyShorts Film Festival.

The ensemble original series follows rookie FBI Agent Daniel Brooks (Bryan McClure) whose first undercover mission is to infiltrate a Colombian cartel suspected of laundering money through their Spanglish films. Daniel’s allegiance to his government is tested when he is tempted to follow his heart instead of his oath.

Javi Moreno (César Gamiño) relocates from Colombia to Hollywood where he fits in perfectly with the cut throat film industry. His low budget movie studio churns out Spanglish films that go straight to video but somehow make a ton of money. Javi’s right hand woman, Producer and Casting Director, Natalie (Moniqua Plante) runs a tight ship in midst of the chaos and has no clue the FBI has been on Javi’s tail.

“We had so much fun working together on this labor of love! We had the most kick ass cast and crew ever. Funny, good storytelling, strong female characters - my top three favorites all in one,” -Moniqua Plante (Nashville).

Directed by César Gamiño and written by Susie Lohse, DIRTY CUES was born out of their desire to showcase amazing talent and original material. “Growing up in a immigrant household, the novelas were always on. I wanted to pay homage to them by producing a project with a Latin flair,” says Gamiño. Natives of Milwaukee, César and Susie’s first project together, "The Violinist", was well received on the film festival circuit screening at over 35 festivals worldwide earning 11 awards and 5 nominations.

The ensemble cast includes: César Gamiño, Bryan McClure, Moniqua Plante, Shana Eva, Lindy Loundagin, Jon Gormley, Brianna Knickerbocker and Marissa Nans.

In true novela style, DIRTY CUES satisfies your spicy tooth!

Watch the entire first season at:

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❤️ Happy New Year :) ❤️ #KeepitLite in 2016 ! ❤️ Love and Lite from Your Trudy Lite, International Burlesque Life Coach to the Stars ;) X ❤️

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Nuevo teaser oficial de la segunda entraga de Asesinato Valentina. "Caso Abierto"

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The Daves are our very first Clip Of The Week!

Here's their link:

I’m@Work – The One-Up Daves.
Sketch comedy featuring Zack Beseda and Steven Randolph.

"That's a nice nose hair . . ."

Produced by Christian Monzon.
Written and Directed by Adam Fike.
Director of Photography Mark Ryan.


Adam & Christian


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❤️ Happy #TrudyTuesday Boys and Girls :) ❤️ Here is this week's show... Please click the 'like' button and share it with all your friends ❤️ Love and Lite, Your Trudy Lite, International Burlesque Life Coach to the Stars ;) X ❤️ #pets #animals #animaldrawings #drawings #funny #comedy #satire #humor #humour #TrudyLite #JeSuisTrudy

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Si están en busca de una nueva series les comparto esta producción El Hipnotizador, una historia de origen brasileño que sin duda esta logrando mucho éxito en este 2015.

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Hi, I'm Val Stulman, writer/producer/actor,  partnered w writer/producer/editor/artist J.T. Shannon. We created Monster Shrink, a scripted horror comedy web series that's just finishing up its first season. Also on the core Monster Shrink team -- co-exec producer/director Roger Christiansen and producer/actor Sarah Allyn Bauer.  I'm thrilled to have found the Web Series Today communitiy... You guys are welcoming and instructive. I'll share this with others on my team...   

I've attached the link to our youtube channel. Eight episodes are up with another dropping this Thurs and some extras later... 

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Final ep of 1st season #Monster   #Shrink   #Igor  #sidekick #classic #funny #monster who  needs therapy... extras may be coming in a couple of months... Full season on Youtube. Thanks for watching! Like, subscribe, share...

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Horror returns with a brand new series, THE SHADOW.
Watch the episode now before the new one arrives this week! #HorrorSeries   #Horror   #webseries  
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