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With 9 nationalities and 11 languages represented on the Sheetgo team, the World Cup is a pretty big deal for us. We launched 2 Google Sheets based templates for you to make selections, follow the latest scores, and play against your friends/colleagues.


I have a spreedsheet I am connecting to, however I need to add notes on the sheetgo spreadsheet. Specifically column E.

When I go to Sync it again, Column E is replaced with the spreadsheet I am connected to.

Is there a way I can connect to a spreadsheet and add a column on the SheetGo spreadsheet that won't go away every time it syncs to the original spreadsheet?

I noticed that I created a connection with a source sheet, and a reference sheet that is actually just a tab on a regular sheet, which is not updating. Am I missing something?

Good day Inventory is perfect but in the cash flow, The accounts payable are not working. The description and strategic doesnt show up in the accounts payable.

Even though I already applied the suppliers and general ledger according to you video.Kindly help please. Thank you :)

I have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets which are getting consolidated into one sheet which requires multiple filters. I need to be able to filter by state, product and the past 7 days. Any idea how I can make use of the query filter to accomplish this.

I have a spreadsheet (Spreadsheet A) with multiple columns.
I'm going to update another spreadsheet (Spreadsheet B) which only contains several columns of spreadsheet A not of them. Would you please let me know how to do it ?

I have bought the profession package of SheetGo and log in with my school email address. I have set up multiple connections, but my question is if I'm out and someone else needs to either run a connection manually or change can they log in without my credentials? Thank you.

I have two spreadsheets connected to a third that they are both pulling data from. One set of connections is set to update daily, another set to update hourly. Neither set is updating automatically, but I can update them manually. Any idea why the auto-update functionality is not working?

I created a connection using one source spreadsheet. It updated and posted the correct data in my destination spreadsheet.

I then updated the connection to include a second source spreadsheet and saved the connection. I have not used 5 updates and do not see the second row of data in the destination spreadsheet.

Any suggestions?

Hi My Sheetgo connections are not loading and none apppear on my dasboard either. Any idea what may be going on?
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