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I don't remember this being posted in the community, so here it is: you can support Tiny Tiny RSS through Patreon.

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I like the integration of the browser into the app. This makes things faster. One downside that I have noticed is that when I share an article with gmail I no longer get the article title in the subject line. Instead the subject line is blank.

my Archive contains 8000+ articles, how can i delete them all at once.

I have a fresh TTRSS installation and everything works well so far. But I get strange error when I try to add a feed: *Couldn't download the specified URL: 6 name lookup timed out*

I had the same problem on my old installation, which was basically the reason, why I decided to do a fresh install. So it seems there is something wrong with my server config, which is basically:

- Ubuntu 12.04 VPS at Digital Ocean
- manual installation from v1.13 tarball
- nginx config as shown in

Any Ideas?

Has anybody done Tiny Tiny on ubuntu server?
Followed instructions and nothing showed up
No permission to see tiny tiny rss afet doing the apt-get instaill tt-rss

Hi! I'm trying to query a MYSQL database via PHP, and format the output into an RSS Feed with rss php helper classes. I read about Tiny Tiny RSS on LifeHacker, and so installed it on my XAMPP...

After installation, it didn't turn out to be the solution I was looking for. I need to receive push notifications of any new < item > I enter in the mysql table... Even though the php is showing updated items, the rss reader (not tiny tiny rss), is not showing any updated items and not alerting/notifying me of new < item > from the sql table... 

Can Tiny Tiny RSS be used to generate Feeds from SQL Tables? Or does it not generate any such information? Thanks.

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Hi everybody :)
I just try to install TTRSS on my home server.
The installation was ok, and gave me a config.php to copy/paste (because the directory was not writable)
So i create a file config.php in /var/www/html/ttrss/ and paste the previous code.
But now when i try to go on https://myadress/ttrss nothing happend _ i have just a blank page.
I 've check my error.log on apache and it says :
[Fri Jun 20 12:11:36.208445 2014] [:error] [pid 2058] [client xxx.xx.xx.x:39351] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '<' in /var/www/html/ttrss/config.php on line 221
So i've try to find that 221th line but i've got nothing on that line.
check out my config.php if you want because i'm totally lost...
Thanks for your future answers

I been pulling my hair over installing TT-RSS in my aging laptop. I am using Lubuntu 14.04. And I am following one guide to install TT-RSS. For some reason, localhost/tt-rss is not working. I restart the apache2 and start tt-rss as well. And it is not working at all.

I went back again to make sure I didn't miss anything. my terminal spew out a error when I type down  sudo ln -s ../conf-available/50-tt-rss.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d and it said "ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/apache2/conf.d': File exists"

That is the only thing that was having problem with. And I am using mysql and php5. The Self url path is set as http://localhost/tt-rss

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