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Join Hennessy. Turn up crew is a mediocre clan.

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could be on the morning announcements

A band ppl
So we misplaced our score for solo ensemble
Can you guys please check your back pack and music or folder just to make sure that you didn't accidentally take our score with yours?
I'm not saying anyone took it but I would really appreciate it if you guys could check
It's for March Militaire Francaise by Camille Saint-Saens
Thx :)

For people who have coleman, do we have to print out the jefferson assignment or share it with him?

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insanely funny

Do u guys know if we have to bring our sneakers for P.E. along with our boots?

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Cool title I made
Tell me what you think

OMG is the weinstock notebook check tomorrow?

for people who have coleman, does anyone have the 4 essay questions on the board? I might have left that paper in class....

when's basketball tryouts? what time?
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