Oddly enough there's been a few new posts recently
If more posts happen I guess we'll elect new mods bc most of em are dead and god knows I'm shitty at my job

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Name: Kaito Shion
Gender: Male
Age: !7
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 124lbs.
Likes: Ice cream, quiet, and singing/music
Dislikes: Being alone, Spicy peppers, and pressure

Bio: After Running away from his old home, away from his abusive family he decides to renroll into school. He doesn't expect ot make much friends due to his lack of social skills. But he doesn't care, so he just put on his suit and scarf and lives his life as best he can.

There was a post in the spam filter from 9 weeks ago that I just put through and the reason I didn't see it before now was because I just assumed this community was dead never to be revived so there are two morals to this story
a. I wish Google would notify me when a post gets caught by the spam filter so I can check it in a timely fashion ://
b. If you post something and it gets flagged by the spam filter you should let me know and I'll check it bc odds are it's just Google fuckin up and it should have been posted straight up
Anyway +Custard Slime sorry about that friend

I feel like a lot of old posts in this community are from people who have since exited the weeb phase and perhaps left the community and would likely cringe real hard if they saw these old posts, but they forget that these exist
And I mean that's some real blackmail material just sayin'

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Name: Momone Momo (桃音モモ)

Gender: Female

Height: 167cm (5ft 6in)

Weight: 52kg (114lbs)

Age: 14

Likes: Candy, Sweets, anything sweet with sugar in it

Dislikes: Cockroaches, people stealing her head


Designed as a maid and housekeeping robot, but she can also sing. Her attitude is described to be sincere, obedient and shy; she also does things in her own pace. She is also sensitive so she can be happy, mad, sad, etc by the influence of just little things. Momo can exert giant strength for 5 minutes when attacked, despite her frail look. She is also fast, and makes things perfect, but is a weak drinker. She can detach her head from her body, and can also communicate with electronic devices. Momo stutters when she is nervous.
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we're just one member short of 666 why couldn't this community have not died for just a little bit longer

this is probably the longest this community has ever been dead
8 months or so since the last post
wowie zowie

Any RP (This Is For Anyone)

Name: Hatsune MIKU Or Caline Ca
Age: 16
Likes:Leeks, Singing,Dancing,Fame

Walks In The Music Room, Singing Rolling Girl
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