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As she aged, Sandi Bachom, 69, a filmmaker and producer in Manhattan, wanted to keep the wrinkles away, but she was wary of anything invasive. She wanted, as she explained recently, to avoid “going under the knife.” #PlasticSurgeon

So a couple of years ago, at the suggestion of her dermatologist, Dr. David Colbert, she first tried Ultherapy in which ultrasound waves are shot through a gel into the skin. #Surgeon

She had the treatment on her face and neck, particularly the tricky jowls.

“I call it my ‘way-back machine,’ ” Ms. Bachom said. “It has effective, fast results, and it’s natural.” The treatment provided a noticeable lift to her face that lasted nearly two years, she said; she repeated it last November.

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Everybody wants something bright, shiny and “new” for the New Year.

How about a new face? We don’t mean completely new one in the Renée Zellweger sense, but in the subtle, “is that a new haircut” / “you look so amazing” sort of way. There is a new way to turn back time without a scalpel. It’s called Ultherapy, which is a form of ultrasonic skin tightening that works using ultrasonic therapy that affects collagen renewal on a very deep level. #Surgeon #PlasticSurgery
The treatment is best used on people over 40 who have begun to see loss of elasticity in the brow, chin, neck and chest areas. And results of tightening and plumping can be seen from three weeks up to six months after the treatment.

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Kim Kardashian Received Ultherapy Recently

From the article:
The reality superstar was booked for an Ultherapy treatment, a nonsurgical process that uses tiny electric shocks to tighten the skin on eyebrows, face and neck.

Kardashian was a predictably high-maintenance patient.

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Here is a great article in W Magazine about #CoolSculpting and other alternative cosmetic surgery treatments. 
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