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Jessie and James are the perfect couple
If it wasn't for James Jessie would never have passed the academy. They fight alongside each other every day. They are survived electric shocks,giant metal pokemon and even attacks from Mewtwo!

Jessie X James Forever!
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a new day dawns as the plane takes off,professor Mason needed a vacation and randomly chose Unova,what will await him there?

Open,+Shinra Gatsby))

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Name: mason faraday
Age: ???(teens)
Gender: Male
Pokemon: charizard,gyrados(red),malamar,cofagrigus,
Evil Team(if any)):none
Badges(if any): all the hoenn badges,but chooses not to challenge the elite four
Bio((at lest one paragraph)):he was orphaned and found shelter in an abandoned Power plant,after finding an observatory he studied and read and soon became a genius,creating many new machines,he caught fire tail,a charmander,soon after...he beat all the gyms but as soon as he met flannery he had a huge crush on her,visiting often and hoping one day they would be together...he has a degree of professorship and has made many machines patented...his main goal is to bring world peace and win over flannery's heart,
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Ignore this,this format was accidental
Ignore this,this format was accidental

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Thx for the invite!

((+Mason Faraday)) Kyle Exists the boat to Hoenn excitedly

Name: Kyle Kaiba
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Gloom(Leaf))Level 45, Ferrow((Peckers) level 23, Mewoth(Lucky) Level 14 and Sandshrew ((Sand))Level 17
Evil Team(if any)): Team Rocket
Badges(if any): Cascade Badge and Rainbow Badge.
Bio((at lest one paragraph)): Born in Cerulean City. Was raised next door to Misty who became a close friend and nothing more. Caught his Starter Pokemon a Gloom he nicknamed Leaf at age seven. Left for a Journey after beating Misty at age Twelve. Defeated Erika easily. Was recurited by Team rocket at at Thriteen.

Can we have legendaries in our party?
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