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Hey guys! Welcome to my new community I love anime and you love if you get the best anime picture and you become a owner of the community with me if you put something that is not a anime picture will be banned from the community so hope you enjoy the community
Animated Photo

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Anyone wanna rp?
Daddy/daughter rp

Females only please
Name and age are chosen by you

(Y/c) has been living with her dad for a few years now as her mother had been involved in a chase with the police once she had been stopped the police had found (y/c) in the back scared out of your mind crying and (y/c)s mother was sent to prison for child endangerment alongside drug possesion

(Y/c) was given to her fathers custody indefinatly with no chance of visitation from the mother and (y/c) is perfectly fine with that
(Y/c) has developed a huge crush on her dad and it ends up leading to more{DO NOT SHARE ASK FIRST}

Is this community dead i haven't heard or seen any new post in 7 weeks

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Any girls who are online up for fantasy sex rp with me as ichigo please comment where you want to do it if interested hangouts or here

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I met you at back of a car park and I knew we had a bond I ran to you and kissed you .go ons from there

I'm creating a group chat on hangouts for +Miku Hatsune​ rp anyone interested in joining if you want to know the scenario check out her post

Male and female needed: Hangouts only plz send me a group conversation :P
I was just walking home from a night shift at my job. You were looking at me, I tried walking faster but I felt someone grab on my arm. Soon after that I was tied up in a chair and I looked around there were other girls tied up crying as well and then...

Any girls who are currently online up for a rep on hangouts or here your choice comment which one you prefer

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There have been reports in the area that men have been raped, but I didn't care. I was prepared for a camping trip to the woods, and I wasn't going to give up on it. It was just me, a fire, and the stars. When I got to the grounds, it was night time, so I set up the tent and got in to lay down. After I fell asleep, you, a wild neko, snuck your way into the tent. You were in heat and horny as fuck, so you...

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(Dominant female needed)
Originally shared by ****
You was my step sister for three months now, but we really didn't get along very well cuz for some reason you didn't like me. I didn't understand why so just left it alone, but today was the worse day, because when I went up to my room I started to jerk off, but I left my door unlocked and not very long after you bust in my room catching me off guard. We locked at each other for a few second after I got some clothes on, but you had a dirty smirk on your face and so from that point on you blackmailed me if I didn't do what you said. One afternoon as our parents left you saw me sleeping on the coach and decided to have some fun so you pulled my shorts down, took your parties off and sat on my face as I woke up and my eyes widen

°Female needed only
°please give more than one line
°be dominant, but be a little nice from time to time
°I will hangout or pp
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