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This week's Conlang of the Week is B-G-2-3 by A. Walker Scott
A. Walker Scott
A. Walker Scott

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The Conlang I introduce is Anthrocenian of the Anthrocene people for a story I am writing about rebuilding the world after an apocalypse.
I am not sure about doing a creolized language which is a mix of different languages or just picking sounds on my own and borrowing things from other languages while adding my own creative flare.
I want their language to reflect my cultures unique world view
technology and culturally
Yet look like it evolved from past languages from different Pre-War cultures

My language based on root words as syllabols so every sound has a word meaning in itself but is never used alone but combines to make other words
Language with random sounds. Each sound is a root word that combine with other sounds to make words.
Ee: creature
Ma: safe
E: stay
Dr: place
Ha: gods
Oo: moving
Aw possession
Sp: peace
F: make
Gra: living
1) Hadreegra
(Gods)(place) (creatures) (living)
It is any world with life
2) dreegrawaema
It is where an animal or Ratmankian stay. It can be multiple animals living there at once or one.
House, burrow, nest,
3) Drooawee
(place) (moving)(possession) (living) (stay)
It is the area commonly traveled by an animal to look for food, exercise, or mate.
4) Eessgrasp
A group of animals of the same pack, colony, or family.
5) EEfgra
The act of mating or attracting a mate.
A mating couple.
Wife, mate
6) Awegraf
(possession) (life) (maker)
A person who gave birth to you.

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Conlangery on hiatus! I apologize for being quiet for so long. Many of you will notice that we have not put out a new episode for a couple months. I (George) am currently working furiously on finishing my dissertation. Between data wrangling, writing, looking for jobs, and playing with a toddler I haven’t had much time or opportunity... Read more »

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+mark rosenfelder has just published a new edition of the Verdurian reference grammar, which is a good reason for making Verdurian this week's Conlang of the Week.

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A talking point here. Is anybody writing anything in their conlangs at the moment? I'm about 3/4 of the way through a short story in Khangaþyagon at the moment, which will eventually become a Tales From Other Worlds video. I'm writing directly in Khangaþyagon, not translating.

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I'd like suggestions for next week's Conlang of the Week.
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