Anyone want to colab and creat a language?

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I've been helping my 10-year-old daughter develop her first conlang recently. Last night, we were discussing gender systems, and she came up with the following

Men, boys, things particularly associated with men

Women, girls, things particularly associated with women.

Solid objects and substances, landscape features, terrestrial animals, plants.

Birds, insects and other flying creatures, the wind, anything in the sky except for the sun and moon.

Anything hot

Liquids, the sea, rivers and lakes, fish and other aquatic creatures, the moon (because of its influence on the tides).

I thought this was a particularly creative idea, and my daughter wanted me to share it.

Who wants to make a language together?

Nörim Melönwö mén, j esvö nös w Konlúngaskíd edt Konardeczskíd Komjúnis. J jedda esvödjimi Tjönwöéc, edt kánya czjn hesoþíþ á Komjúnis edt y oppialíþ fis-á-pjunc.

Hello, friends, I am, now, a part of the Conlangers and Conworlders community. I am happy to be here with you, and may we grow as a community and may we learn together.

Looking for people who'd be interested in helping me with my language maybe take part in learning as it's made. Would be thankful :)

Here's what I have so far. Just let me know. 

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I've decided the proto-Terzemian tḱ / dǵ / dǵʰ onset clusters will be realized as kθ / gð / gðʰ, before satemization occurs. The Old Terzemian reflexes will then be tθ / dð / dðъ (ъ at this stage is my symbol for "inhibit palatalization"), leading to θ / ð in Middle and Modern Terzemian. I also think onset ə¹l / ə²l / ə³l will lead to hl / ʔl / ʔʷl, then hl > ɬ > θ and ʔl > al + stress, ʔʷl > ul + stress. How naturalistic is this change set, assuming I can figure out similar patterns for other HR onsets? Maybe f, ѧ + stress, ѫ + stress for Hm, and x, ѧ + stress, ѫ + stress for Hn?

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+David Peterson​ has presented the 2016 Smiley Award to +Irina Rempt​'s Iliani.

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After a season of hard work, may I present to you my holiday gift:

The grammar overview of Relformaiké, a brand-new language inspired by the Romance family of Indo-European -- with lots of agglutinative influences thrown in for good measure. Or, Esperanto and Lojban just went out together -- and found someone else to adopt.

Six or seven cases (Nominative/Absolutive, Accusative [only in pronouns], Ergative, Identificative, Genitive, and the elusive Proprietive) -- plus dozens of adpositions doubling as pseudo-cases. (Anyone know a better term for the likes of these?) Three genders (- e/- o/- a), Adjective/Adverb markers (- i/- u), a verb conjugation system starting with - at, tense prefixes pé -/plé -/fé -/péfé -...and that's only the beginning.

Also, can you spot the references to Bellwether and Judy/Stu Hopps (whether or not you're a Zootopia fan)?

Feel free to send me any concerns/heads-up matters, and I'll get to them next time around. Until we meet again...Jóyeuzi Kristnaizfeste, toutiènes!

(Originally announced at the Small Discussions roundtable at r/conlangs on the night of Christmas Eve.)

(For/Ómist +Dharshanth Kumar​​​​​/Darshanfo)

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