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How to Use a Fundraising Thermometer – For Nonprofits

We’ve discussed a multitude of different nonprofit fundraising ideas before, from events to offering plates, but we have always highlighted the importance of digital campaigns.

For most nonprofits, online fundraising pages have become essential. And an online fundraising page is not complete without a fundraising thermometer.


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HYDRATE ask us about fundraising

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My wife is pregnant with our third child, and she (the baby) has been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. My wife shared her thoughts, feelings, and hopes in a couple of posts on my blog. We're only 17 weeks into the pregnancy, so we've got a ways to go still.

I wanted to tell you I am so sorry for the drama that has appeared on your page. I am remarried to my first husband when his daughter started to call every man daddy. That could not happen! She had the right to know him and it was his job to show her a loving father, or that he was an ass. Well considering we have been remarried since 92 and had 3 more children speaks loudly. Every child needs to know their father or mother, which ever is not in the picture. Every opportunity needs to be given for that to happen. At that point it is up to the father to make an effort, not the job of the single parent to transport for a father that has yet to make an effort to do so.
Thank you very much for your time sir.

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Hello everyone if your interested follow my collection at blue diamond publishing thnx again PS. Just look out for this post and u will know

Looking for some assistance get a lawyer to get to see my kids dont do any good to try without a lawyer. Tired of the mother not wanting me to be part of my childs like what sucks is i gotta get a lawyer in 2 different states. I have when mothers use kids as a pawn to hurt the fathers not only hurtn the fathers its hurting the child bc one day they will no what u put them threw and that u kept them from knowing their father

Hello! Good morning / afternoon / evening! First I would like to ask not to judge my attitude, then a bit of your attention.
My name is Caroline, I live in the state of Rio de Janeiro, I am teacher and mother of two beautiful boys.
Currently working in the Campos dos Goytacazes city. I would like to make it clear that I am no idle much less coup. What I do here is no shame, because I know how much I struggle to get a good education and love to my children.
I would like to tell a little of my story:
In 2006 I met the father of my children, who I thought was the man of my life. After many ups and downs, after three years of relationship we had our first child (the Theo) in 2010. He was born prematurely, with only six months. I faced a great fight, but today I have at my side, beautiful and healthy, thank God.
After a few years and after several discussions marital decided to end our marriage.
We were about a year apart, after much talk, he convinced me that would be a better person. Around this time I was renovating my house, I took payroll loan and Construcard to accomplish while he had a project to assemble a snack bar, and to help you took a personal loan. We decided to return in the hope that everything would work out.
Shortly thereafter, I became pregnant again, only this time with an aggravating, had to undergo a cerclage because my baby was at risk of premature birth, as well as the first, I had cervical Isthmus failure and did not know. From then on nothing worked very well.
The business he opened not turned a profit, then discovered that nothing he had promised was true, and that he was only interested in the money he could get to the bank to borrow it.
I had to rest, which made me have lost wages because he could not make any effort due to cerclage, then lost the bonus he earned.
Discussions over pregnancy were increasing, and suffered too quiet. And to top it was not able to repay the loan he had made on my behalf to help him. I was very verbally abused during pregnancy.
Then, on May 23, 2015 my little Pablo decided to come into the world. For him and with God's help, I faced and endured everything. After three months of my son born, I found out because my ex husband assaulted me so much and never had money to put in the house: in the same cafeteria that helped build with the loan I got, he was cheating on me. The disappointment was huge, we separated and I decided to give my best to educate my children.
I fought the best I could here, but today I find myself mega indebted and desperate. I've tried several ways to do something extra, but my job is full-time what hinders me. I sought some options on the internet were some blows, as other digital natura consultant who is real and could help me, did not give me feedback so far.
These search found Indiegogo, a social project to help people around the world through spontaneous donations.
 So here I am, "clean face" to ask for your cooperation. Only in this group have more than twenty thousand participants, each can collaborate with at least $ 1.5 US dollars will help me too!
Please do not ignore my request! I am a desperate mother for not knowing what to do to get rid of debts.
As you well know, banks do not forgive nor hope they retain more than half of my salary, already renegociei and still can not honor.
I thank the attention.
If you can not help, please try to pass on to a friend who can.
Once more, thank you.
Obs .: below is the link to donate, just clicar.http: //

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Anything Helps! Doing everything we can to help our family  get through this crisis. Thank you so much!

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Hello everybody,

I know that my post has nothing to do with Fathers fundraising but perhaps you may be sensitive to this cause. 
We're supporting #StephenWicks to Raise £25,000 for AgeUK, which is a great charity. #AgeUK Help Older People to Live Happier, Healthier and more Fulfilling Lives.

Please Help us >> Just Watch and share his Video
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