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Videoclip produced by Kwakom Filmz
The Orizooners
This musical concept was imagined and initiated by Zak Snaporaz in the spring of 2012, and became reality with the infinite complicity of Claude one-O-one . Zak participated to a number of bands, initially playing guitar and eventually settling to bass as his main instrument, doing also vocals and occasionally some other instruments : Nausea (79-80), Strani Cocktail (80-82), Nuits de Lupanar (2007) and a few other minor projects. Ignited and powered straight off nebula 451, Claude sings acapella in several intergalactic choirs, and plays bass, drums, guitar in various sidereal impro-leagues.

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I love Ellie Goulding! Such an unique voice and sense of style within music!!!
Gimme more!!
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