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Hi there
I'm blaze!
I'm a teen (woop woop)
I'm a pegasus / useless alicorn
I like to hide my horn in my mane
Oh right I like camping, fires and SMORES
I'm quite brave and cheerful but I can be shy around beautiful mares


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Name: Kiwi Rosado
Likes: fruits
Dislikes: evil
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This is the only good pic I have, she is the one in the bottom middle.

Name: Orchid Fang (used to be lilac spark)
Gender: Female
Race: Alicorn Cat-pony (as a result of being experimented on), used to be unicorn
Age: in the pic she's nearly 40
Personality: Kind of bipolar, sometimes very bubbly whilst sometimes quiet and shy. Very sensitive.
A bit of backstory: She has a pretty dark history because her parents were murdered and she was kidnapped and turned into a cat alicorn. (He sewed cat parts and wings onto her and changed her dna) She ran away with her friends and got adopted by Luna.
Likes: Raw meat, chocolate, fashion, selfies, licking herself, kisses and cuddles
Dislikes: Water, macaroni cheese, being called a 'freak'

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Name:Princess Red Heart
Personality:Nice,Shy,Honest and Generous
Likes:The Stars
CM:A Red Heart


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guys guess what.....IM A ALICORN

Name: Sapphire Moonlight
Race: Alicorn (was first an Unicorn but now an Alicorn)
Personality: kind, helps other pony's, sometimes anoying.
Likes: Using her magic, go on adventures, flying, hang out with friends and family,
Dislikes: her evil twin sister, people that are bullying.

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my evil side
name:dark swirl
how i got my evil side:i was walking around when i heard that if you went into the everfree forest and went to this cave you never come back but i was like I'm gonna go and find out myself but when i got there a black alicorn was standing right behind me i yelled and the alicorn put a spell on me to make me get knocked out when i woke up i was in the place where twilight defeated nightmare moon and when i was knocked out he put the curse on me

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hey guys lets make a role-play say if you want to be in it

Name: dark night
Gender: female
Fur color: black
Mane color: grey
Personality: dark, great roaster, loves tøp, sometimes nice
Powers: flying, doing stuff with her horn, using katanas :3
( i need to draw her but could someone approve this) ._.

hey +HD Film can you plz draw my oc as a alicorn because
i want to be one in pony world plz its ok if you say no
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