My new article is published on "Unified Control and Data Flow Diagrams Applied to Software Engineering and other Systems". Between us, it is about priniples of system flows (see my earlier post) applied to software engineering. There are two types of flows there: flows of time(!!!) which are called Control Flows and flows of information called Data Flows. This allows to unify informational process interactions with material interactions desctibed in the "flows" presentation. Thus, paving a road to the allowing application of inventive principles and TRIZ to the most modern systems which, as a rule, unify material and informational subsystems.
One thing has to be added to the theory to become complete. This is flows in mathematics, i.e. interactions, infuences in mathematics (yes, it is possible, and, actually, widely used since the rise of mathematics). I am activelly working on it.

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I invite TRIZ-niks who are interested in automatic problem solving to review my article:
This is a theory of representation of system interactions.
Based on that I am going to write a program "Automatic solver of inventive problems". I am thinking on that for years (about 30). It would work ! As the test problems I am using conventional problems used in ARIZ training: about a radiotelescope, flower pollination, and ampoule, those which I know well. What do you think about it?
        Factually, what I did is I have developed a language to describe systems and their interactions in all complexity.
        Technical task now is to write a translator from human language to that language. Then, the problem solver, i.e. inference engine can be done with the regular software engineering work with the search in relation database through the predicates, knowledge provided by TRIZ in all their completeness ( it is huge and comprehencive ) which are describe with the same language.
    Inference steps are those what Altshuller put in his ARIZ ! It highlights the Altshuller's genius. My task was unification of the TRIZ with the basis of the system description language invented by Veinik ( unintentionally ).

Я бы очень хотел, если у вас есть время, чтобы вы прочли и поняли мою статью
Она по-английски.
Это теория представления системных взаимодействий.
На основании её, я всё-таки хочу написать программу "Автоматическое решение изобретательских задач".
Размышляю над этим долго. Должно получиться!
В качестве тестовых задач я использую задачи для обучению АРИЗ-у: про радиотелескоп, опыление цветка, ампулы. Т.е. которые я знаю хорошо.
Что вы думаете по данному поводу?

Фактически, я придумал язык по описанию систем во всём их многообразии.
Техническая задача сейчас - это написать транслятор с человеческого языка на этот язык. Затем "Решатель задач, т.е. машина вывода реализуется обычным программированием с поиском в реляционной базе данных знаний предоставленных ТРИЗом во всей их полноте и описанных на том языке.
Шаги, последовательность вывода, практически идентична шагам АРИЗ, что подчёркивает гениальность Альтшуллера. Да я всегда, с самой первой минуты знакомства, смотрел на АРИЗ как на потенциальный автоматический решатель. Лучше сказать наоборот. Шаги АРИЗ Альтшуллера взяты шагами автоматического алгоритма. Я всего лишь придумал универсальный язык описания систем на основе теории Вейника. Опять, это он придумал, а я всего-лишь пытаюсь применить, объединить Вейника и Альтшуллера.

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We'd like to assemble a small group of people in San Francisco Bay Area, and I will give an overview what TRIZ is about.
This is an initial plan. May be we can do more than that.
Would you like to take part in this talk?
If you have other people interested, please, convey them this message, or invite them.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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To act and behave adaptivelly one does not always need a mind or a nervous system:

Scientists do not have a reputation for creative thinking? Well, people just do not know neither what is science and what is creative thinking. Or, we have such scientists these days.. Scientist is not a profession, or "producer of an answer". It is a life long strive for perfection of mental power. It is a way of life. Most creative life. Putting a personal life in accordance with the life of the universe.

Interface with patents, which is something doable with the current level of technology is what we need. I would put it as a primary goal for application TRIZ science at the current moment and definitely will be most profitable for everyone.
I would say more that the constant monitoring of new patents for future improvements of TRIZ, tracing trends in technology, and prediction of new patents could be a goal.
Combination of principles  is the topic already well developed in TRIZ. These are called "standards" or "standards on inventive problem solutions". These are essentially combination of principles and more which always give strong results. There are 77 standards.
Together principles, standards, laws and ARIZ give ultimate tools for building Artificial Intelligence systems for technology monitoring, prediction, innovators education, and, I am sure, automatic solution of inventive problems.
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