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Name: Sage

Gender: Female

Likes: Most everything

Dislikes: Humans, her father

Bio: She has three sisters, and two half-sisters.... Her father was first mates with her mom, but, he became mates with another dog. She misses her mother, and hates her father, but not her half siblings of step mother.

Name: Lilac Flower

Gender: Female

Likes: Flowers, Nature

Dislikes: Humans, Her father

Bio: Same as Sage

Name: Magic

Gender: Female

Likes: Trees, Water

Dislikes: Humans, Human houses, everything to do with humans.

Bio: She has three sisters, and two half-sisters, she knows why her father moved on, she's the only one who knows. She misses her mother more than anything. She's extremely sneaky and clever, she knows how to use her enemies' weaknesses to her own advantage. She forgives easily, except if you hurt her sisters or half-sisters.

Name: Cherry Tail

Gender: Female

Likes: Fire, Water, Nature, Wind, Rain.

Dislikes: Not much

Bio: Cherry Tail is very, very shy, but protective of her family and friends. She has wings, because her mother did. She's the only one out of her siblings that has wings. She hates her wings, and wishes she never had them

Name: Lake

Gender: Female

Likes: The grass, Water, anything to do with nature

Dislikes: Anyone who wants to ruin nature.

Bio: Lake has four half sisters, and one sister. She hates her father, and wishes he wasn't her father. She loves her half siblings though. She's very clever, and is very tricky. She never just dives into anything, she does up with a plan first.

Name: Sky Blue

Gender: Female

Likes: The sky, the clouds.

Dislikes: Humans.

Bio: Same as Lake
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