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Requested by : Angel Mcle

21 years old

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Check out this made by embergaze with app . Get the app and follow me:
Here is the vid that she did while fdoing my oc

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This photo came from musically and was drawn by Embergraze
Its so adorable!!!!!!

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Request by +Angel McIe
My friend made the pic cuz idk how to do nyan cat

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Does anyone want to be a beta in the storm pack?

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Name: "i am flaire!"
Rank: "alpha."
Pack: "fire pack!"
Species: "i am a winged wolf."
Gender: "im a female are you blind?"
Age: "i am 23 in human years"
Mom: "her name was laya"
Dad: "shadow."
Mate: "im looking.."
Crush: "jake..."
Pups: "nope"


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Name: Blue
Age: 27 (dog years)
Gender: Female

Appearance: Blueish black fur with Blue eyes and Black spike collar.

Personality: im tamed Mean and social at times I'm really fast I'm stealthy and smart. I'm good at hunting and fighting. I'm very fierce so I'll attack anyone anytime.

I'll fight for ranking as well that includes Alpha

Pack: None/Lone wolf

Bio: *I was One of the Srongest wolves in the Region*
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lavender rose was walking around the forest trying to get things off her mind and she paces around a tree in circles and she stopped pacing when she heard bushes rustle and a white female wolf comes from the bushes

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Everyone gets the point about the pic right?
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