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Alpha testers wanted!

Automate is constantly evolving. We’d like your feedback, and help with testing the cool new features before each public release.

Opt-in as a tester at the Google Play Store:

Then download the current Alpha version from the Google Play Store, any subsequent updates will be pushed automatically as usual.

Note that regular users can't open flows made in the Alpha version until it’s released to the public, so sharing flows with the community isn't recommended. Also keep that in mind if you wish to opt-out of the Alpha and revert back to the current public release.

Is anybody aware of a block which will check to see if a particular app (poweramp) is running? I've been searching, but not found one.

I want to create a flow which will perform an action when a particular app (poweramp) starts, and then another action when it is killed / shutdown.

I've tried the flow in the post below,, but that reports Poweramp is running, even when it is not - so this is not the solution?

The flow I have in mind would also work if it ran when the app was in the forefront rather than the background, if this is possible.

Is there any reason why a variable isn't set by a Tasker plugin?

I have a flow that essentially stores GPS coordinates upon car Bluetooth connection and disconnection, then uses these locations with the Google Distance Matrix API (AutoWeb plugin) to return the distance.

Sometimes the distance returned is 0, despite the correct coordinates being used that should return 92 miles (searching manually via Google Maps).

I'm not essentially saying there is an issue with Automate, it could be down to the plugin but I don't see any errors being caught by the catch failure blocks.

Hi! Thanks for the amazing tool!
I have a question - I need to send some data to external device via USB (RS) or Bluetooth. Is there a way how to communicate to other hardware connected to the Android phone with Automate?
Thanks for the advice :-)

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New Alpha version 1.6.0a2 released

What’s new:
• Button to preview community flows
• Share flow as PDF (Android 4.4+) or image

Hey LamaLab, I have a feature request for Automate: The ability to connect the phone to a VPN or at least pop up a VPN connection request.

Thanks, djsime1

I want to record video without star/stop signal sound using video record block. I tried sevral examples posted at community but it dosent work with my galuxy s6. Taking a picture without shutter sound is ok. But recording is not. Is there anybody help me?

I have a request for automate. I'm currently creating a huge flow on my mobile and it is getting tedious work testing and editing it. so can you please create a program for pc to edit flows? If you don't then at least say me how the .flo files are encoded so I can do it myself. 

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This is my flow for Automate apps. So your network switch automatically to 2g when you connected on wifi and get back to LTE /4G when you disconnect. Great its still work on my new dual sim phone. 

I like to have Skype running all the time.

How to check its (not) running ?
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