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Once there was a boring community
And you can join it now!!!!!!!!

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Warning: story is fake!!!

Once upon a time, there were triplets and when they grew up they became criminals!!!! People call them the Kid Killers!!! First the smart one hacks into some apps. Then she hacks into the devices of those who download the apps!!! She finds the personal information of the child. She sends the shady one the information. The shady one kidnapps the kid. She gives the children to the creepy one!! The creepy one does terrible things to the children!!!after one week she kills the child!!!!

Here is an animated version of them
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Ok here's a story I remember. I was visiting my cousin in her lake house in the woods. We decided to go on a nature hike. But at one point the road ended and we had to walk in the forest. Not far in I got a terrible head ache. Then my vision got... It got full on static!!! Really static!! I tried to lean up against a tree, but the tree felt warm!! I yanked my hand away about 25 seconds later it went away. By this point I was really far behind the group I quickly ran to them. And I swear I saw an old out house Like shack with an old Piece of paper attached to it covered in sloppy writing!!,
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