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Greetings fellow demigods and mortals who can see through the mist, this is Chaos Cabin, -13 .

I am Leon Veer, son of Chaos, and your very own head counselor of this cabin. The co-counselor is my sister, +Aѕнlєу Lєє , who is from another dimension (a LOOOOONG STORY).

This cabin is a safehouse for all children of Chaos.

"Who the Hades is Chaos?", you ask.

Chaos, is only the first Greek god ever. He came out of nowhere and he literally IS nowhere. He is technically the primordial god of the void and disorder. He is the embodiment of the void. Kinda like the embodiment of space.

Well anyways, this is cabin chaos, which is located in space. Don't worry, it's insulated from all the harms out there. It has oxygen and you won't burn on freeze to death. You can enter the cabin if you will yourself to come here. A portal will appear and you should walk in. Then TA-DA! You're here.

And again, welcome to cabin Chaos, specially made for you...

(ps. This is another intro for this cabin as the first intro I wrote was from my previous account and it was terrible and I am 'renovating' this community. XD)

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Make your account here! +Fallen Ash, sorry if I haven't replied-busy as heck over the week.

You know.. there has to always be a day we can celebrate Nico by being just like him. For me today is that day, I didn't want to talk to anyone. Just stayed in my room right after school only coming out for dinner.

Name- Cristal
Gender- Female
Godly Parent- Nemesis
Traits- antisocial, confused about life, extremely low self-esteem.
Appearance- purplish black curly hair, navy blue eyes, super pale, pink lips with a blue tinge.
Powers- Nemesis blessed her with shapeshifting.

Name: Frost Night
Gender: female
Godly parent: Athena

Traits: Pessimstic, loves learning, socailly awkward, does not like being forced to learn things

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Name: Noxid

Godly Parent: Athena


Appearance:Tall, skinny, Red hair, grey eyes, glasses

Personality: doesn’t often socialize, funny, brave, smart, vengeful (if you make him angry), slightly evil😁

Weapons:Battle Ax that can turn into a keychain at will, hunting knife.

Enemies: Ran into some Amazons and turned their base into a chaotic mess.😁

Hobbies: Hunts monsters in the woods, reading, pulling pranks on the Hermes cabin.

Godly Blesding: Athena blessed him with the truly powerful and awesome ability of being the only child of Athena to EVER not be afraid of spiders. Athena did this so the entire Athena cabin doesn’t have to evacuate the cabin whenever a spider appears.

Backstory: Home was attacked by monsters. Traveled the country for six months until he was captured by Amazons. Noxid was taken to there main base. Unfortunately for the Amazons Noxid broke free and wreaked havoc on their base. Long story short Noxid set there plans for world domination back a few hundred years, was hunted by Amazons until he found Camp Halfblood.

Name: Skye

Gender: Female

Nickname: Trickster

Godly Parent: Hermes

Age: 14

Traits: Sneaky, loves playing pranks, lighthearted (But serious when ever needed) and humorous

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OKAY CUPCAKES, LISTEN UP! There has been a rumor escalating around the internet that this fabulous social media network, Google+ is going to get shut down in 10 months.

If that is really true, we should keep our community alive on Google Hangouts. Here is the link to our community:

Please do not spam in that chat and please try not to post nonsense there. (I've had previous issues with spamming in the old communities)

Hey guys, it's Ash. just giving you a heads up that I am changing my username from Ashley Lee to Fallen Ash, so if you see that. Don't be alarm. It is still me.
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