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reality vacuums in motion caused by a temporal paradox after I passed back some information to get a lap to preserve it.

Time Paradox adopts Distro Wifi!

Hey all, after tinkering with many different forms of grid web interfaces we have finally decided to integrate the distro wifi setup! It is rather basic, however with it you can now view total users, active users, regions, and users currently logged into the grid. If you login to this page using your account information you can even view your inventory and upload IAR files! If any member of this community does not have an account and would like one, or has anyone they would like to reccomend to the grid they can also request an account and we will be able to approve it. We are currently developing a much more visually pleasing interface, and we will let everyone know when it is finished.

Time Paradox Grid Has Working Profiles!

Hello everyone, just a status update: We now have profiles working flawlessly with all of the usual amenities such as 1st life, 2nd life, picks, about me, etc. so come on and fill out your stuff! This officially means that we have all of the basics now up and running on the grid. :D

Time Paradox Grid New URI!

Hello everyone! This is just an update to inform all interested parties that our login uri has now changed. After much deliberation we thought that a URL that more accurately represented the name of our grid would make more sense, and ensure that we do not run into any complications in the future. Local and Hypergrid users will now use the following address to enter the grid:

New Community for a New Grid!

Hello everyone! I thought that since we have been going official, it would be a wise idea to create a unique G+ community for Time Paradox Grid, so here it is! :D
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