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Free Webinars For Vegan Professionals
With all the buzz about Social Media, Email Marketing has been overlooked by many entrepreneurs, coaches, non-profits, chefs and business owners. This webinar will help you understand why Email marketing should not only be apart of your marketing mix, but might be one of your best tool to generate revenue and sales. To seize this opportunity you will need to start building a list now.

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Are you looking for that next big wholesale deal, large consulting project or client partnership?  If so, you will need a process to track opportunities as they move through the sales cycle. For every purchase clients go through a series of steps to understand if your product/service is right for them.  During this webinar we will talk about the 5 key steps in a sales process and discuss how you can institute processes like pipeline management to better move these deals and opportunities along.

While reading this message if you start to scratch your head at the term "sales cycle", then this webinar is definitely for you. 

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Join us live on May7th for a FREE webinar for Vegan Professionals.
In your business, many of your biggest opportunities will come form the relationships you’ve built along the way. You know, that referral that helped you secure your biggest client.  The recommendation that helped you get a 6-book deal. The email that started the flurry of paid speaking engagements. The social media endorsement that sent an insane amount of traffic to your website.. 

It can some times feel like these opportunities fall out of the sky, but often they are the result of building loyal and lasting relationships with customers, colleagues and key influencers. 

So, in this webinar we will discuss the benefits of identifying relationships that foster your long term business goals and how to become a influential leader, yourself to change someone else’s life or business in an extraordinary way. 

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Join us live on April 16th for a FREE webinar for Vegan Professionals. So, what do you do, when the product is YOU? How do sell your time, should you write a book, do you need marketing materials, how do you describe of services, should you design my website differently?  If you are struggling with developing the components of your service based business this webinar is for you. 

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Monthly FREE Webinar For Vegan Professionals - Learn the best way to prepare for your next campaign and how to execute it flawlessly. Are you planning a product launch or book promotion this year? Do you need to sell tickets to an event or drive awareness of your services? This webinar will explore the key elements of planning a promotion and how to execute without draining your resources.
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