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Welcome to our humble group for discussion of the game Extracurricular Activities!!! Each of the mods will represent a main character from the game, so feel free to ask us for any tips for our respective runs in game. Also please be sure to read the rules carefully as they are a bit specific to the group.
Spencer - Myself
Coach Grifter - +max
Chester - +Hi There
Darius - +Chubs
Dozer - +Mirai Dragun

Thanks, Admin Spencer

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I meant to post this here whoops
The character models in Extracurricular Activities are being changed!

And they still look amazing-
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whatever the heck is going on, I demand explanation

I cant believe that cursed mark and Dyne are no longer working on EA together but the project is going to continue. The new artist is Captain ger bear

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Uh, I actually don't know what this game is (I I is a game), I've heard of it but I have no clue what it actually is. Can someone explain to me what it is, I'm very interested.

Do since no no one mentioned it. The game has been updated to 1.46.

thanks for letting me in m8s 👌
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