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Since Google has announced they are terminating G+ in the next 10 months, I am announcing that I will be closing this community some time after November 1st, 2018. Search through and save whatever info you want by then.
Edit: Anyone who wishes to take over ownership to ride the ride until the very end, I will be happy to do so

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I'm going to be running Victorious with google hangouts Tuesday nights. I have 2 players and am hoping to get one or two more. Characters will be 2nd level. Game time will be from 8 PM - 10 PM central time.

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New review episode up.

Video problems being solved, I review Victorious by Troll Lord Games:

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Catching bullets! How would YOU make this character?
If you ever need a quasi-historical Victorian superheroine, here's a woman that doesn't need a lot of embellishment to be one. Heck, she's even said to have worn "spangled red tights"!

Hey, I just picked up Victorious. I have just reading the rules tonight.
I haven't run a game set in this era before... except for a few Cthulhu Gaslight games back ... in the 80s.
Where should I get started.
Are there any good prepackaged adventures that serve as a good introduction? Is there a nest of pregens someplace if I wanted to run an introductory adventure?

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Including the Victorious leather, but just consider it too has all the errors.!/Collectors/c/11639197
Chenault & Gray
Chenault & Gray

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Probably best for planetside maps, but there are sci fi add ons. Currently $65 for over $200 worth of program files.
Campaign Cartographer
Campaign Cartographer

A short vignette based upon the Victorious game session I played in under Treebore on Monday of last week. I hope you enjoy!

A Modest Proposal, by Mike Stewart

The display outside the window was a lovely view, much nicer than the view from Jean-Claude’s hotel window. Wide cobblestone roads, pleasantly shaded sidewalks and greenery abounds. Even the sight of a couple of tenacious journalists ostensibly waiting outside the Matthews home couldn’t sour the elegant ambiance of the neighborhood. What their appearance meant however; that was more complicated.

The Frenchman sighed and turned back to the room. The only other resident was the lady of the house, Miss Alexandra Matthews. She was taking tea at one of the long reading tables that adorned the library, providing a sanctum of dark oak wood panels and leather-bound books emblazoned with gilt lettering filling the walls. Jean-Claude smiled at the book Miss Matthews was studying while drinking tea, a book on anatomy and the effects of trauma. Certainly not the usual reading of young ladies, especially not those who looked young enough to be enjoying her season on the social circuit. Then again, like most of her house guests, appearances were quite deceiving.

“What is on your mind today, Monsieur du Orleans?”
She hadn’t looked up from her book, but seemed quite aware of Jean-Claude’s eyes upon her. Did she have eyes on the top of her head? A comment meant facetiously with anyone else, but with this young woman (and her powers) it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. With a traditional Gallic shrug, Jean-Claude responded, “Mademoiselle Matthews, I have a proposal for you.”

This did cause her head to rise, with one elegant eyebrow raised above a cynical face. “Indeed? Such behavior might be appropriate on the continent, but not here in America I assure you.”

A flash of white teeth was Jean-Claude’s reply, but after a few more seconds he relented. “Alas, I am too old for such pastimes, despite your obvious youth and beauty.” Both eyebrows were up now, but the Frenchman knew his appearance did not begin to show his years. Another secret he would keep from her and his colleagues, at least for now. “But you misunderstand.” He continued. “My proposal is purely monetary. I ask if you or your father would be willing to purchase the World’s Columbian Exposition Hotel.”

Alexandra sat up, a brief flash of surprise and uncertainty washing over her features. In truth she’d thought of that idea days ago, but when she brought it up to Roger Mosby he dismissed it immediately. Now Jean-Claude seemed to be thinking along lines similar to her. Yet the problems were real enough.

“What? I can’t see that it would be a good investment. Especially if Dr. Holmes’ activities in the building becomes common knowledge. Once that happens, you won’t be able to pay people to stay there. Not even the housing shortage caused by the fair would make people risk such a residence.”
“I think you underestimate Monsieurs Smith and Jones.” Jean-Claude replied, now sitting at the table across from the young lady. “I will be quite surprised if his activities ever become more than a local Chicago legend. I think your government will want to keep Holmes as secretly as they can.”

She leaned forward, her chin in her hand as she regarded her French comrade. The age comments she dismissed as easily as his flattery. She’d been flattered most of her life, especially since reaching adulthood and while he was suave she’d been complimented by much better. The age comment intrigued her, for Alexandra knew how much of the body’s conditions could be changed or reversed by supernatural powers. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of asking though, and instead concentrated on his…proposal.

“Very well, I see your point.” She said, not breaking eye contact with the man who went by the name Jacque Frost. “This doesn’t answer the question of why I or my father should purchase such a white elephant as the hotel.”
Jean-Claude smiled again and raised three fingers. “I can give you three reasons, Mademoiselle. First,” He dropped two fingers and left one up, as if noting the presence of the ceiling, “…the building has secret panels, rooms, and passages; this would be invaluable to people like us and our…professions.”

The second finger came up. “Second, and I admit this is purely selfish, I haven’t been able to find other lodging in Chicago despite my best efforts. As you appear to be full to the bursting here at the stately Matthews manor, my only choices seem to be the hotel or Miss Addams’ Hull House for the indigent.”

Another quick smile, and then the third finger. “Finally, I think you would feel better if your collection of strange SuperMankind were residing somewhere other than your home, eating food, causing sleeping issues, and of course those ‘Yellow Journalists’ that constantly follow your every step.” Jean-Claude gestured to the windows behind him. “I think I saw one of them with one of those new Kodak cameras that you can carry anywhere and is only slightly bigger than a hatbox. Photographs, I believe, are the last things you wish in the papers. Photographs of strange men coming in and out of the home at odd hours? A gentleman from Britain, a German, an Irishman, and a Frenchmen…” He gestured modestly to himself and went on. “…not to mention the automaton Galahad. All these combine to give considerable scandal to a young woman’s reputation, does it not?”

Alexandra leaned back, looking speculatively at the Frenchman. She knew the second point was a red herring. Oh, he probably was having difficulty finding lodging, but a man with Jean-Claude's skills would have little trouble finding somewhere to sleep. No, it was mostly the last point and the first only reinforced it. “It will be expensive…” She began, but Jean-broke in. “With Dr. Holmes nowhere to be found? Pshaw!” He waved his hand dismissively into the air. “Either or even both of his wives would be glad of the money, and unless Holmes challenges their sale in 90 days the hotel would be yours free and clear.” Now it was Jean who leaned forward. “Monsieur Mosby and I went to visit the wives early this morning. They seemed like good honest women just looking to raise their families. It might be good to have Miss Faith view their minds, but I agree with the British spy’s instincts that say they knew nothing of Holmes’s powers or predellections. In fact…”

“Nevertheless.” Now Alexandra broke in on the conversation. “It will cost enough money that I would want father’s lawyer to investigate and ensure free title before putting money towards the building. Who would run the hotel, anyway?”

“We would.” Jean-Claude’s roguish smile returned. “That is, we happy few, we band of brothers…and sisters.” Alexandra snorted at the misquotation of Shakespeare’s Henry V. “The rooms could be modified to hold SuperMankind prisoners, especially the ones with peepholes in them.” Another shrug, then he remarked idly. “Unless you wish to give any supernatural creatures we encounter to your Monsieur Smith and Jones?”

‘Not likely.’ The woman thought to herself with asperity. She didn’t know enough about those men to trust them very much. Which was why she’d kept the books from Holmes’ laboratory and didn’t hand them over to ‘The Authorities’ along with Holmes himself. She sighed, then gave in. “All right Jean-Claude, I will speak to my father on the subject. I will even support the idea. If nothing else, I think he’ll be glad to be rid of the lot of you.” She smiled, to take the sting out of the remark. “Everyone besides Faith of course, she’s going to need more treatments and wants to assist father and I in our practice. We’ll need to find contractors with some discretion to do the repairs on the place but that’s not unsurmountable. Liam might be able to help with that, I suspect.”

Jean-Claude nodded graciously, apparently not a sore winner. He smiled slyly at Miss Matthews and said “But of course, your father is the proper one to make the decision. It wouldn’t be proper for a young lady to make such a decision all on her own. Women’s brains can’t handle that sort of responsibility, you know.” The glare he recieved from the other side of the table caused Jean-Claude to burst out laughing. His merriment only seemed to make the glare more intense.

“Oh come now, Miss Matthews.. Alexandra.” All humor had left the Frenchman, and his gaze was steady at Alexandra Matthews. “If I, or anyone else in our merry little band, really felt that way we wouldn’t still be here. Well, Galahad might but who knows what thoughts click around in that mechanical brain of his.”

On that they could both agree wholeheartedly, and they did.

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