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I have added 4 new categories to this community, and have reposted several items in order for them to be found by clicking on those categories. I will likely be doing more, so if you notice duplicate postings, you know why.

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Ran Hyde and Seek at Kantcon this weekend. Had a lot of fun introducing some new players to Victorious. The game ran a bit over 3.5 hours with the first hour being character creation. I summarized the events in the coroner's office to fit everything in.

It's no steampunk outfit, but I did try to dress up for the occasion. I thought serving some tea and cookies would also be fun. Finally I threw together a makeshift GM screen.
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Got another rule question....

How much damage is done during a successful hand to hand combat attack? I think I've reread the section on combat a half dozen times looking for something that mentions this. The Damage section on page 42 has a table that describes Attack Type and gives To Hit Bonus and Damage Bonus but excludes the base damage die that is rolled for physical attacks. There are tables on the opposite page that describe the damage die for firearms and melee weapons, but nothing for a simple punch or kick.

Based on the the description of the Might Superpower on page 17 and the combat example on page 38, the intention seems to be for a melee damage die that increases with strength. However, I can find no table that actually describes the progression. Moreover the Might superpower informs that the base normal strength damage die is 1d4, while the combat example states that "With Fawke's Strength of 14, the damage for a punch is 1D2 points".

So how is this supposed to work?

Getting ready to run my first game of Victorious in a few weeks. Anyone already run some games with any advice for me?

The firearms skill mentions an unskilled weapon penalty. I've combed through Chapter 2: Rules of the Game and can't find any mention of such a penalty. Can anyone help me out here?

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Amazon shoppers, check this out, 5 sets of dice, each set with its own pouch, plus 1 large pouch, apparently to hold all the others in, for just over $10, so just a little over $2 for each 7 dice set. Yes, I placed an order. No, I don't need any more dice either.

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The US "Wild West" took place during the Victorian Era time frame...
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