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Welcome to all the purrrministas and purrrrminators!
Please keep the language clean and try to keep things positive.

Some simple rules.
Be Polite.
Be Respectful.
Be Integrous.
Be Dependable.
Be Encouraging.

Our website:

Welcome, Lavica! Please introduce yourself.

Koh Freddy /Fujimoto/Fujimoto02 has been blocked from the Alliance and has been removed from this community and banned. 

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Mom you do not have shield on Mama Rage shield up

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I will be off and on at odd times due to the different special services this weekend. Please email me or send me a message through here or hangouts. 

I really don't believe I am having to post this but here goes....
The anacronym PRIDE was chosen for a very specific reason and it starts with Be Polite.
From come

adjective, politer, politest.
showing good manners toward others, as in behavior, speech, etc.; courteous; civil:
a polite reply.
Some Synonyms from
civil, genteel, respectful,thoughtful, gracious, well-mannered, neighborly.
Why am I posting this at all? It appears there is a lack amongst some members of these qualites being displayed.
Manners are not innate, they are learned behaviors so I am choosing to believe this is a matter of lack of education rather than intentional.
One of the most basic manners is the use of Please and Thank you.
One is expected to go out and gather resources in the game. Being hit and losing resources is part of the game as is people coming together to help when these things happen.
When asking for resources, it is the polite thing to add Please and when you receive those items, to say, Thank you or Thanks.
When people send your resources they are taking out of their own stash of items earned through their hard work. When they send you non-resource items, they are using their own gold which represents real world money.. they are literally reaching into their pockets to give you something. Please take time to be thoughtful and recognize their effort and say thanks.
Thank you all for your hard work, cooperation, communication and willingness to share. Now lets work on this bit and the rest will fall into place. 

While trying to find some info on the game, I came across this website.
it's like a beginner refrence guide. A way for players like me to figure out where to get handcuffs.. or tactical manuals.. . Etc. It seems like a good refrence point for lost players, or players who just need quick tips

New Blog post added to the website.
I am looking for experience from others as to how you found an alliance. 

HI guys! Weekends are quite busy for me, with 3 kids. tho I plan to check our google+ page often, I've not been able to check much over the weekend. How have things been

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