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I know you have other problems to solve, I was wondering if it's a big job to be able to choose how to display the icons if round or square. it is feasible? thank you ( example)

Just received a provider text message containing this text:

Willkommen in Slowakei. Slovak Telekom (SVK): Anrufe und SMS nach Ă–sterreich und in die EU in den Paketeinheiten inkludiert, nach Verbrauch 0,039 EUR pro Min und SMS. Daten 3900 MB inkl. danach max. 0,0162 EUR pro MB. Euro-Notruf 112. Kostenlose Roaming HoTline +4367760016772. Infos unter

But the message received and read out by car dashdroid was only the last two letters (ng). I guess this is the 140 characters limit and your app does not deal correctly with long messages.

Would love to see both Hangouts and Slack as options in the messaging section of the app.

Keep up the great work!

hi, with version 2.10.7 have you only updated app, or have you made new changes that I can test?
you know I'm always available for your app. thanks :)

Hi, just brought this app recently to run on a KitKat car head unit. Does a great job as I can't get android auto, is there any plans to implement custom icon selection for an individual shortcut? Im aware u can use icon packs but some of my apps are not play store specific so icon packs don't work, be could if you could specify a custom icon to a shortcut bit like nova launcher. Great app and keep up the good work.

Hello everyone, Soon I will release a new beta, I will need your help testing, in theory you should not be able to see any difference (that will be the best scenario) I just re wrote and refactor the base code of the database and a lot of legacy code and tried to make it better for new features and easier to make it. the problem is I wrote this code 3-4 years ago and was the base of my app I never touched again, and since I have better experience and new tools i wanted to "improve" however I was not expecting that this change will affect a lot of code. first to note is I'm doing database migration so your shortcuts, screen and icon set should be the same (this was a difficult task tho)
I have been working on this for 3-4 weeks and testing a lot , but seems very stable now YAY I will release the beta version soon any feedback is appreciated :) Thanks a lot

Hi, I have been using Car Dashdroid for a long time, it was running fine until now. I have updated my Xiaomi MI6 to the latest stable (based on Oreo) and app started to crash on startup. So I have cleaned all data and tried to re-configure it from scratch. It was fine at the beginning. But whenever I try to add a shortcut or change one of the default ones - app crashes....

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Hi all, recently i bought a xiaom redmi note 5 global and i have a crash when i want to scroll the apps to add as a shortcut:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't parcel a recycled bitmap
at com.miui.internal.os.Native.invoke(Native Method)
at miui.reflect.Method.invoke(SourceFile:120)
at miui.content.res.ThemeRuntimeManager.saveIconInner(
at miui.content.res.ThemeRuntimeManager.-wrap1(Unknown Source:0)
at miui.content.res.ThemeRuntimeManager$

I want to share this crash to understand if I'm the only one to face it.


I continue to find the problem of loss of Bluetooth connection, it disconnects and reconnects automatically, has anyone encountered the same problem? android 8.1
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