+lucifer morningstar

you see your son unconscious on the football field as cracks appear on my neck and my skin turns black and green

Coach moore: what the he'll is happening to our quarterback?!

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+lucifer morningstar we sneak into SHIELD tower looking for the energy core
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name Alex rogers
age 16
gender male
powers i see things that other people can not
family dad steve rogers mum unknown

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rp anyone

Name: Mickey ward

Powers: MMA Boxing and sword fighting

The rest is unknown his files burnt in fire

i walk through Shield tower holding my ribs as blood seeps through my shirt

sam walked through the doors to shield his guns by his side he was nervous as hell for the first time in years he was with out his big brother and something else was up he was craving demon blood he looked down as he walked further in and walks into you +Grisha Callen

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quote: you no what my greatest sin was it was how many times i let you guys down
name sam Winchester
age 34
gender male
specaice human was a demon
family dean Winchester
bio hi jerks I'm sam I'm a hunter and love the job but something happened and i ended up working at shield i still hunt and that but i guess I'm one of the guys I'm a level one agent and I'm a big nerd and besties with fritz and ward
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Agent Grant Douglas Ward sighed as he walked down a hallway in the Triskelion. He turned right and smiled as he spotted one of the new agents seemingly lost in the awe and shock of being here You look like you’re going to pass out from awe he said smiling as he walked over
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