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(~ Chapter 1 ~) The Journey Begins
Felix Was extremely happy today, due it being the day his Pokémon journey starts. they would journey along a forested path to the next town, then continue their  quest. equipped with 8 Pokéballs, 5 Potions, And of course, Torchic, they set off. They stopped to eat some berries along the way, but before they could get to the bush, a wild Tailow appeared! Tailow dove at Torchic, narrowly missing. Torchic quickly turned around and kicked the Tailow, sending it spinning.  with one last ember, the Tailow was defeated. Felix and Torchic started going a little faster, now realizing how far away the next town was. after a couple of minutes, Felix got extremely tired, and the sun started to go down. Felix never thought the trail would be this long. He had gone down it a little bit a few times before, but never very far. They decided it would be a good plan to rest for the night. A Convenient tree had a large gap in the trunk, providing enough space to sleep comfortably in. sat in the trunk, they covered the entrance of the gap with Felix's Coat, and quickly fell fast asleep. their journey would continue the next day. 

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Name:Felix Creztel
Bio:Felix is a pretty normal kid. a bit sarcastic, and not exactly nice, but not that bad overall. he always dreamed of being a Pokémon Trainer, and on his 13th birthday, (got delayed due to parents having another child) they took him to professor Coral, the Poképrofessor of Seashock city, where Felix lives. he gave him a choice of the Hoenn starters. he couldn't decide, so P. Coral let out all the starters and then let him choose. the second they saw each other, they new a bond had been formed between Felix and Torchic.

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                            Side Chapter ~ Nine Years - Year 1
  A little boy who goes by the name Lumen was born. His father died the year after and his mother was stressed in a hurry. Lumen did not like Pokémon, year after year until his mother was so stressed, she gave him up. He went out of the house crying, with a red & black ball. Another girl was walking down the road with an Oshawott. She felt bad for the five-year-old boy and gave him the Oshawott. He started to stop crying and smiled. It looked cute. And powerful. And so he spent nine years of his life in a house with his Oshawott. In January, Lumen needed food and water, so they went to this diner with their éCoins Lumen's mother gave him. They ended up buying a fridge, table, and other household appliances they needed. They cruised on their easy life until, July, a five-year-old girl wanted to battle him. "I'm Emily, I'll crush you in battle, and then rule the world!," the crazy girl said. She ended up losing because she used her Flabébé against Oshawott. In December, Lumen and Oshawott wanted to buy gifts for each other. Oshawott bought a make-your-own-Pokéball kit for Lumen. Lumen bought a hammock and a beach ball for Oshawott. When they opened their gifts on Christmas day, they were crying tears of joy. They couldn't be happier that day!

Chapter 5 ~ Team Hail
   Iris and Lumen made it to Weniji city safely, but their Pokémon didn't! They left their Pokémon at the diner. Lumen thought Pumpkaboo would be stuffing his face, his Altaria wiping it gently off, and his Oshawott eating his sashimi happily. Iris thought that her Phantump would just stare dreamy-eyed at Pumpkaboo. They went to the diner and were in for a shock. It was not in business anymore. A boy about Lumen's age walked out and started crying. No, crying wouldn't be the word for it. He was sobbing and wailing about the diner closing. Lumen asked the boy what was wrong, but he just ran, with four Pokéballs. Iris checked in the diner and there was only two adults sobbing and wailing too. "That boy, he took our Pokéballs!" Lumen said. We went all over the town until we stumbled into an abandoned courtroom. "Let's go inside!" Iris said with a smile. Lumen nodded his head, scared. He found out about another evil organization, team Hail. Team Hail were ice-type evil organization who stole Pokémon. Iris went in, with her fists, she punched everyone except the boy about Lumen's age. Lumen quickly used an uppercut, then a knock-out punch to make sure Team Hail was unconscious. The boy Lumen's age had apparently been forced to lose his diner when Team Hail came along, the adults sobbing in the restaurant were his parents, and he is willing to join us on the journey. Iris asked a few questions and the boy got them all wrong. Then he said that Lumen's hair looked like he was a vampire, and Iris was a lemon with clothes on. This angered both of them and they both used an uppercut and ran to the café. "You'll regret this, I'm the Team Hail leader!" the boy said. Neither Lumen nor Iris heard him, and, just before they went to the café, Iris smooched Lumen on the cheek and Lumen blushed.              

                             Chapter 4 ~ Gym Leader Battle!
   Iris and I went back to Menogrié City,  ready for the gym leader. We knew it was a Grass-type gym, with a Grass-type gym leader named Vinitrie. "Iris, can you do me a favor?" Lumen said. She replied yes and immediately knew that we need to go to the Café waiter and ask him more about the gym leader. She asked about him and the café waiter said a lot. "He is a grass-type gym leader, has a Snivy, and a Torterra, has 9 kids, and has never lost before!" said the man with a smile.  When they got to the gym though, Team Flutter had taken it over. Team Flutter was a really annoying fairy-type evil organization that gets in the way all the time. "You," Team Flutter Emily said. "You wish to battle, huh? "Prepare to lose!" Iris and Lumen knew we had to battle Team Flutter, to prove that we are not bad Pokémon trainers. But Team Flutter Emily said, "Say goodbye to your Oshawott, it's gone!" "Farewell, I would have beat you in a battle anyway!" Iris told Lumen, "I'll follow Emily, you find Vinitrie and battle him!" Lumen nodded his head and went in the building. It was very grand, with Roman columns and everything. He found Vinitrie on the top floor, not trapped, nor stranded. Lumen started to wonder if Team Flutter were just Pokémon Thieves. He battled Vinitrie, it was a 2-on-2 Pokémon battle! Lumen picked Altaria, and Pumpkaboo, while Vinitrie picked Snivy and Torterra. Altaria used Dazzling Gleam on Snivy and it was a one-hit knockout! Torterra, though used bite and made Altaria faint. Pumpkaboo used Revenge on Torterra and it was a one-hit knockout too! "Well, Lumen, you beat me!" said Vinitrie. "Good job, your name is on my statues and you get a Banettite and an Altarianite for your adventure. Just as he was walking out the door, Iris came back with the Oshawott. Lumen was overjoyed and Iris battled Vinitrie, and won! She and Lumen were on their way back to the second route, the way to Weniji city.

                       Chapter 2 ~ Pumpkaboo's New Friend
   Lumen was having fun in Café Meillan until his Pumpkaboo floated away! He quickly drank his hot chocolate and ran to Route 2. "Wait," Lumen shouted. "We haven't even challenged the Menogrié city gym leader yet!" Pumpkaboo was apparently lovestruck, but to what? And then came a girl, black emo hair & a Phantump beside her. "Ka, ka, ka," Pumpkaboo said, flirting with the Phantump. "I-- I-'m sorry about this whole thing," said Lumen embarrassed. "It's ok!" "I think it's kinda cute," said the emo girl. "I was just on my way to Menogrié city to take a break and catch wild Pokémon. "I'm on my way to Menogrié city, too," said Lumen, blushing. "Let's go back to the café so we can chat!" "What's your name, anyway?" "Iris!" said the girl and followed Lumen to the café. Pumpkaboo said to Phantump, "Ka, ka, pumpka," and waited for a response. Phantump, happy, nodded its head and they played tag for a while and giggled. Altaria, Oshawott, Iris, and Lumen knew that Pumpkaboo and Phantump would be best friends.

                          Chapter 3 ~ Who Gets the Shiny?
   Iris and Lumen were really scared before our first gym leader battle. Pumpkaboo and Phantump suggested we should go on a walk to calm down a little. We encountered a Jellicent, but it fainted before we could get to catch it. Then, we saw a horde of Banette. Due to this being our first trainer battle, we didn't do so good. Iris, her Pokémon and I didn't even know what shinies were. Lumen accidentally made two Banette faint, and Iris almost caught one, but ended up making it faint. Two Banette left, both different colours. We just didn't know what to do! A young woman came over and said, "Look at that, a shiny!" "You must be so lucky!" Now we knew what shinies were! They were rare Pokémon of a different colour variant. Lumen checked his Dex, and it said that the blue one was shiny. He knew that Iris and I both wanted it, so I said, "How about if we share the Banette?" "No!" she said. It surprised me. "I want a battle to see who gets it." "One Pokémon, let's do it!" "Ok!" He replied, battle-ready. It was Phantump versus Oshawott. Phantump used Confuse ray, but it failed. Oshawott used Bubble Beam, and it was a critical hit. Phantump used Confuse ray again, Oshawott used Water Gun, and before you know it, Oshawott won and the Pokémon battle was over. Lumen quickly caught shiny Banette and kinda felt bad for Iris a little. "Don't worry," Iris said. "I just found out my Phantump was a shiny!"
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