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"The 4/4/8 Breath... 'the best parenting trick in the world'... brings almost instant calm and allows us to access our options so we can actually respond to our kids rather than blindly react."
Laine Lipsky

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#Money #Mindfulnes #Monday Message

Currency, like electric currents, is a form of energy! And like any energy it flows!

So my question to you today is what sort of thoughts are you allowing to flow through your mind?

Like a currency, what are you spending your thoughts on? Will they make you richer or poorer?

Here's to a fruitful and mindful week!

Join my money mindfulness community for more tips and thoughts - https://www.facebook.com/groups/MoneyMindfulness/
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Happy is Harmlessness!

Protecting others protects yourself!

Harming others will inevitably Hurt yourself! The Buddha pointed out Harmlessness as the best protection by saying: I am a friend of the footless, I am a friend of all bipeds; I am a friend of those with four feet, I am a friend of the many-footed: Therefore do they never harm me.
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"Remember that no matter how spacey, forgetful, impulsive, or reactive you’ve been, you can always begin again... The more you practice paying attention to the present moment when you’re calm and happy, the easier and more effective it’ll be when you’re freaking out."

Carla Naumburg
Think your brain just isn’t made for mindfulness? Think again. Busy mind, scattered focus, more to do than you can handle? Join the club.
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🙏💜🙏 For 20 more things you are never too old to do :) ...... see http://blisski.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/wish-upon-star.html 🙏💜🙏
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:) 🙏💜🙏
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What a great quote!
Lets keep it present, positive and productive!

Here's to a marvellous weekend!

#Mindfulness #Money #Life #Love
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About this community

Post and discuss your experiences with mindfulness, share any tips you may have and help to raise the awareness of awareness!
How to become a Buddhist Nun?

Binara Poya is the Bhikkhuni Sangha Day!

How to be a True Buddhist through Observance? Binara Poya day is the full-moon of September. This holy day celebrates the inauguration of the Bhikkhuni Sangha by the ordination on this very day of Queen Mahāpajāpatī, the Buddha's foster-mother and her retinue. For life details on this excellent ...
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Gary Sharpe

Discussion  - 
In line with the remit of the group, I am sharing here my record of how I have used Mindfulness in very physically manifest ways in regards for coping with Parkinson's and side effects of the medicine. It is my hope that advocates of mindfulness can use this work to promote the benefits! https://niume.com/pages/post/?postID=87217
In this first entry in my "Out-Thinking Parkinson's" Video Diary entries, many of you will be getting a first glimpse of me and hearing my voice for the first time! But as far as first impressions go, please be warned: you might be shocked, for this was recorded purposefully when the side of effects of my medication were very acute. In fact, I often take another drug to alleviate these medication induced symptoms, so this is not my typical state...
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The Ultimate Goal!

Stilling of all Craving..

The Ultimate Goal is complete Extinguishing of Craving: By the gradual stilling, giving up, fading away, letting go, relinquishing and thus ceasing of all greed, desire, lust, craving, clinging, attachment, adherence, obsession, and latent tendency towards the various elements
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#Soulful #Sunday

Good morning all!!

"A spiritual intention is a resounding YES to awakening to your fullest potential. It may include several of your life structures: mental, emotional, financial, relational - because there is no aspect of your life that is not spiritual." Michael Beckwith

Here's to a bright and beautiful day!

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As we act in spite of emotional pushes/pulls, we condition emotional muscle. http://bit.ly/291TlPI #psychology
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God exists in Spiritual emotion (Bhav)

Saint Tukaram - "I have not heard that a devotee who harbors spiritual emotion has been ignored by God."

God exists where there is spiritual emotion. God will cease to manifest if there is no spiritual emotion. Each seeker will benefit from a mantra, a pilgrimage, a priest or pastor, deity, astrologer, medicine and Guru as per his spiritual emotion.

God manifests even when one seeker remembers Him with devotion and bhav. By remembering Him, He creates a seat for Himself in the heart of the devotee.
When one is in a state of spiritual emotion, one’s sub-conscious mind merges with God for that time. The mind and intellect take a back seat and one is able to experience greater communion with God. Hence, in this state the person does not have any thoughts or doubts about spirituality or God.

Please refer to the article from SSRF – What is the difference between normal emotion and spiritual emotion?

#Spiritualemotion #Signsofspiritualemotion #eightfoldspiritualemotion
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Back to Basics!

Pure integrity in all Praxis...

What are the 5 Root Living Rules? The Blessed Buddha once said to Anathapindika: Whoever, householder, has not overcome five terrible evils, such one is without morality, is without control and will be reborn in hell. And what are those five terrible evils? They are killing, stealing, ...
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