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I like InoReader!!! :D

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Should have known this would happen when today came. Any feed readers, NOT experiencing traffic problems out there?

Is there an alternative where I can hide the left-hand side? I can't do this in feedly,, etc. I miss the clean interface of Google Reader.

Last day
R.I.P Google Reader.

Google Reader still works! This is like that time I woke up on Dec. 22, 2012 to find that I was alive!

So if you want a native Android app, it's Feedly or nothing? That's awful. Feedly forces all content into their substandard built in browser. I don't like it. Nothing else has a native Android app yet? 

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No android client, but it's almost identical to the web version...

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Dear Google. The reader is one of the few things you ever bought that actually works like it should. The fact that you're deep sixing it is proof positive that you care precisely **-all about you customers and what they want, and everything about the shareholders and their profits. 

Thanks just loads.

Did anyone get in on the Digg reader beta? Is it any good?
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