wheres the RP

name:blake howard
type:dhampr (half human half vampire)
hair:blondy-brown doesn't leave head
skin:pure pale
eyes:hazel (when drinking blood red)
strenghts:immune to sunlight,injurys heal straight away
weakness's stakes,cross's
powers:can turn into any animal but prefers bat,can create fireball,super strenght,super speed
other:compassinate,not evil smart,brave,can be arrogant

Name: Felicity Harkson
Age: 12 almost 13
Type: fairy
Gender: female
Hair: caramel brown
Height: 4"
Skin: pale with freckles
Eyes: green with gold flecks
Strengths: loyal, honest, trustworthy
Weaknesses: trusts easily, spears
Likes: singing, acting, art, cooking,
Dislikes: scary bugs, mean people
Powers(optional): light aka can shoot light beams from hands, glows, ect.
Other: favorite color is yellow, pet bumble bee


im going to post a character even though i run this town
name delilah or deli
type fairy
age 13 almost14
gender female no dip
hair long blonde hair that i dye differnt colors
height 5"2
skin some where between ivy and whie maybe a cream color with light freckles
eyes blue with silver and purple flecks and when i get mad my eyes turn purple
strengths honest loving kind loves harmony and peace and can shoot a bow well
weaknesses spears and dishonest people trust easily
likes horse back riding and romance
dislikes jerks and wars
powers flying telapathy can read minds shape shifting and  being awesome
other has a pet black cat and a fox and a calico cat  fave color is light blue
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