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Would anyone be interested in this babe?

Price: lowered to 250 DA points

Here's a Fiery Babe I made, he's a Blacksmith, and he made his own armor! He even has fire for his magic! He's a very kind colt but is quite shy and tends to stick to his metalwork and armor/ weapons work! The Armor is optional, but I loves wearing it cause he's proud of his work!

He'd be about 200-250 DA points(could possibly do a trade of some sort too) since I have a design and a bit of a description of the character and he has a designed cutie mark!

My DA is Nez-Fluffy-Goat

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Wow. Looks like the answer was made loud & clear ☺

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Name: (Queen) Esmeralda
Nicknames: /
Gender: female
Species: Changeling
Age: 34
Day of Birth: Feburary 28.
Sexuality: Homosexual

Body color: grey with light and dark markings
Build: She's skinny and tall.
Mane color: greyish-mint green
Mane: long, smooth, mostly put to a weird thing.
Eye color: greyish green
Cutie Mark: She's a Changeling, therefore she cannot have a Cutie Mark.
Accessoires: a dark grey crown with green gems on at


Likes: her friends (duh), her home, her wife, her kids and her empire
Dislikes: Thorax,homophobic, the most ponies and sweets

Favorite food: love
Favorite animals: cat
Favorite color: red
Favorite place: The Changeling Empire

Place of residence: The Changeling Empire
Place of birth: The Changeling empire
Job: Queen
Hobbies: everything

Mother : Queen Chrysalis
father: unknown
Children: Ivanka and Leraki
Other relatives:/
Lover/Partner: Christmas Flower

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Dream weaver is one one my newest OCs hope you guys like
Art not by me

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Sega REALLY outdid themselves!!! :D

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Join!! I can promise you that I'm a trusted mod. I own a community with 5,500+ members and another with 1000+ members. In the past, i've owned a community with 22,000+ members (until I reset my account and my inactive friend couldn't promote me again). So this community is safe. I'll make sure to keep out trolls and art thieves. I'm used to doing it anyways, haha.

I'm also looking for mods, so if you'd like to apply, check out the last part of the pinned post where the links are! There's an application!

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We're looking for new, active mods! Also more active members! So if you'd like to help mod this community, then join and fill out the form!

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No more questions for the Q&A video won't be answered after August 23rd. So, be sure to write your questions in the comments. ☺
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