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Posting Tips
1. Providing Commentary.
2. Sharing the Music.
3. Linking To Your Community/Page/Blog.

Providing Commentary
Our aim is to have posts here that provide both informative comments and entertaining music. As a guide to great posting, take a look in our Best of Listening To section. See the posts the community feels are deserving of praise, both for the music posted and the commentary the poster has provided.

There are thousands of posts in the community for listeners to choose from. Give people a reason to listen to what you post. Posts without commentary typically do not get listened to, shared, plussed or receive any comments -- and when that's the case, they eventually get deleted. 

Our basic requirements are that you tell us the name of the artist and the name of the song. If you can, also provide the name of the album or location of the performance and the year of the recording or release. Then sell us on listening to the music. You shared it to be heard, right? Without commentary, it most likely will be ignored. 

Have a great song to post, but not sure what to say about it? My go-to site to find information about genres, styles, artists, albums and songs is AllMusic:

Ready made commentary is to be had at websites dedicated to particular genres, styles or artists. Cutting and pasting from a review site is OK -- just turn us on to the interesting music blogs you read by providing a link.

Sharing the Music
Use the sharing link found on video sites like YouTube and audio sites like Soundcloud. That will embed the song in your post. If embedding from a certain site is not supported by G+,  provide us with a direct link to the song.

Linking To Your Community/Page/Blog
Do embed a song here, or, if necessary, provide a direct link to it. Provide commentary about the genre, style, artist, album and/or song. Then you can pimp your page/blog/community -- as long as its about music. 

Do not post a link to your community/page/blog and require us to listen there to a song hosted on YouTube, SoundCloud or any other service supported by G+.

Community Guidelines
These posting tips are from our community guidelines, which offer a plethora (a lot) of useful information. Give the guidelines a read: 

:: listening to :: . . . (( music ))
interesting, usually unusual and worth sharing.

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Relaxing music that is only slightly menacing.
Syntropy | Vengeance (2018)

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The song features Dominican percussion, but the music is otherwise unrelated to that country..
Syntropia | Luminosity (2018)
Bachata Sandunguera Percussion, Sweet Vibes Triple Delay, Jason Humvox, Atmo Utopia, and Pizzicato Strings.

Video by MercVille Productions for the Luminosity Dance Troupe.
Music by Syntropia.

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Syntropia | Umoja (2018)
Drums, 12 Step Program Bass, Ham and Cheese Organ, Electroacoustic Guitar, Mbira, Big Strings Pad and African Singing.

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Syntropia | Circle of Flight (2018)

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Syntropia | Walking On The Wind (2018
A couple of minutes of Conga Crispy Drums, Reed Organ, Melo Stereo Drag Guitar, Sigur Ros Horns, Oboes and Bassoon, and the Does Conscious Persist Pad.

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Shadowsound | Clouds and Cows (2018)
Lovely, lovely clouds. Then cows stampeding or something. A horn comes out of nowhere. Angels call out (from the clouds most certainly). I'm not exactly sure what's going on.

We got us a Rough Around the Edge Triple Bass, a 360 Horn, the Dopest Dub Delay Lead, a Women's Choir, some Slow Bells, a Harpitar, a Hip Hop Kit and Big Kicks.

Clouds and Cows. I have no idea what it's about.

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Shadowsound | Zero Gravity (2018)
This new song from my experimental music project sounds like a slow-motion darkly psychedelic carnival ride on a holodeck.

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If you like misty trance/house with a fervent groove, dreamy vocals, and some sax, 'X-Tenderness' is for you. Check this rainy drive timelapse video!
Subscribe to my channel. Share and comment! Njoy the music.

#progressivetrance #deephouse #edm #edmfamily #rain #timelapse #techno #music #futurehouse #drive #CatherineCorelli #XTenderness #saxophone #housemusic #trance #trancemusic #musicvideo #morning #mood #vibes #fog #highway

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Syntropia | Passage (2018)
Drone, clay pots, music box, kalimba, clarinet, walking close synth pad and tribal drums.
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