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Welcome to the Green Amry. I hope you enjoy and we gonna Fight off some enemies. Ocs were ALLOWED

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Name: Tord Larsson
Age: 27
Height: NA
Appearance and personality: Tord is known for having a red sweatshirt, gray pants, black shoes, and being generally trigger happy (Bringing guns in almost every episode he was in), a quality that would appear on several occasions in the Eddisode "spares". His hair comes into two points at the front, resembling horns.
And then you should know the rest...I mean You're in this community so...


"My uncle always said People change people. It's the secret of life"

Favorite Song: Side to Side - Ariana

Name: "Grace"

Nickname\s: "Claflin"

Age: "22"

Friends: ((Open))

Relationship?: "No... I don't think I'll ever have one"

Crush: "I-I'm not telling

Personality: Kind, Sometimes Shy, Awkward around new people, tries not to worry others with her troubles, Can be pretty violent, strong

Outfit: "Usually my grey tights and my mint colored jacket."

Shoes: "I usually wear black sneakers"

Hair style: "I wear it in a side pony tail or just abnormal ponytail"

Eye color: "There brown"

Hair color: "It's a redish brown"

Height: "Im probably almost as tall at Matt... so yeah I'm pretty tall" Smiles

*I walk into the training area for my daily training* "Hm there's usually more people in here"

Thanks for the promotion. Is there a certain template I should use?

"Is there a template i should use?" Tord looked unamused "I mean.. You all know who I am anyways."
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