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Metahuman Killer Frost
Ability: Fire and Ice
After any use of a special move, Deathstorm will come in and either burn opponent, stun them, or heal Killer Frost by 15% of original health.
Second move: Breachers
Killer Frost eliminates any threat to her power by permanently putting their plans on ice. (Block-break freezes opponent, throws giant icicle at them)

It's weird seeing some of the characters being made in the game that we made profiles for

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Animated Photo

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Regime Shazam
Ability: The Magic Word
Bolt of Zeus either stuns opponent, drains power, or drains life.
Special 2: The Enforcer
Shazam does not tolerate any usurpers or rebels against his power. (Electrocutes opponent which stuns, then torpedoes into them.)

sorry there was something wrong with the original

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Special ability 1: kunai bladestorm(shiva throws a massive of sharp Kunais at opponent,similar to the batman Bata rang ability, with 50% chance of bleeding)
Special ability 2: swift as a ninja (shiva immediately dodges any move by jumping into the air and performing a base strike,no additional effect)
Ultimate ability: Pure Assassin (shiva spins and strikes the enemy's eyes with a blade,blinding them and shiva jumps out of sight. Then she comes back down with a strike,and another from behind, and another,and another from different locations,(this is 3 times) and finally a mighty charge from behind through the opponent and landing in front of the opponent who falls to his knees and then to the ground

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Arkham Origins Killer Croc
Ability: Bestial Ascent- For every Arkham Origins character on his team, he gains a 20% boost in basic attack
First Move: Claws of Fury- Killer Croc shows his opponent just how lethal his digits are as he tears into them. (Swipes twice, stabs with both hands; causes bleeding)
Second Move: Predatory Lunge- Killer Croc leaps at his opponent with all his might.
Supermove: Animal Instinct- From the day he was born, Killer Croc was a killing machine. His unlucky opponent faces the full wrath of Waylon Jones. (Crouches, springs at opponent. Turns them around against the wall & stabs them in the back. Grabs torso with teeth, climbs up wall & flips midair & slams opponent against ground.)
Support Cards: Crocodilian Armor- 10% more health
                            Reptilian Regeneration- 10% energy regen bonus
                            Seasoned Killer- 10% more attack

I was thinking we should create a "new marvel/DC generation". By that I mean creating new superheros and/or villains and placing them in DC or Marvel. We could use them in our "hypothetical battles", which was something Tahsin talked about before. Opinions?

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Just thought of more improvements including the picture, but I'm done for now.
And thank you +Alexis May
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