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Explore critical thinking about design in a range of areas of life and its complexities
Join a "Collaborative Exploration" on zoom for 1 hour each week Mondays 12 noon US EDT from 23rd July to 13th August.
More details about topic, process, and way to join:

"Design is about intentionality in construction, which involves a range of materials, a sequence of steps, and principles that inform the choice of material and the steps. Design always involves putting people as well as materials into place, which may happen by working with the known properties of the people and materials, trying out new arrangements, or working around their constraints (at least temporarily). Critical thinking involves understanding ideas and practices better when we examine them in relation to alternatives. In a sense, critical thinking is in design from the start, because design cannot proceed without the idea that there are alternatives to the current way of doing things. ...."

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Along with some European colleagues we are developing a new free online course on using mobile learning technologies to run in May 2017:

Sign up here:

Technology Outdoors is a flexible online course that you can join in with at a pace and depth that suits you. We will suggest activities and ideas, and encourage you to try them within your teaching. We would like you to leave each week with something new to try out in practice and we will encourage you to share your experiences and swap ideas on our weekly themes within our Google+ community.

There will be a new theme and suggested activities each week:

Technology Outdoors weekly overview:

Week 1 – 1st May – Creating Trails
Week 2 – 8th May – Art in the Environment
Week 3 – 15th May – Wild Writing
Week 4 – 22nd May – Science Outdoors”

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Weird request and a bit of a last minute attempt. I have organized a global debate on the American Revolution: Is it Justified. We have had classes from around the nation preparing leading up to our first speaker recordings taking place this week and next.

Last night I had a teacher drop out leaving 120 students without someone to debate against. We debate in teams of 3. 

I am reaching out to see if any of you or anyone you know would be interested in joining in the debate to at least give these students an opportunity to debate. I know it is last minute. We have everything created with outlines, resources, structures, voicethread accounts, etc. We just need some more students.

If you think you can help please let me know. I will buy you coffee!!

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Good morning, I am back in search of some further guidance. A few weeks back I asked for some help in developing an interdisciplinary product. My personal goal was to infuse 8th grade math common core as that seems to be the hardest to merge with other subjects.
Right now I have a cool activity using LEGO EV3 robots to help understand functions Students will be presented with a challenge that will allow them to define the starting points of each robot to allow for them to finish at approximately the same time if they are traveling at various speeds.
I want to merge the ideas of functions with social studies and language arts. I am a bit stuck at the moment. I was thinking students could analyze functional relationships of periods of time and then create their own graph with language arts doing the writing portion of some nature, but not real sure.
Any thoughts? I would like to finalize this idea and then actually do the project and identify pitfalls.

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+Paul Signorelli It's great to see you and others keeping the #etmooc  community connected. To me that should be one of the goals of any MOOC. I've been listening to live stream presentations from this week's Chicago Forum on Global Cities and participating in the Twitter chatter at #globalcities2015  I have encouraged the organizers to create MOOCs around some of these topics, modeled after #ETmooc, #DLmooc  and #clmooc  which I joined in 2013 and continue to follow. 

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