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Me he apuntado en una web que te pagan dinero por leer emails, por visitar paginas web y mucho m�s.
Si te apuntas ahora desde aqui, te regalan 2EUROS GRATIS!

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Hola +circule share deport necesito 10 seguidores para mi URL personalizada si no saben lo quienes una URL es el link que aparece arriba de su cumputadora tablet o mobil aquí os dejo el URL de mi google + (plus) ayudan mucho gente no os cuesta nada pasar mi google plus o + aquí os dejo el link

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The latest Top 500 G+ All Star Circle from +Bernd Hau 
Top 500 G+ All Star Circle                              8.4.15

Here is my TOP 500 G+ ALL STAR Circle!
These recommended people inside this circle help and support me to boost my G+ network in just one year!
If you like to enlarge your G+ network too,
add these great Google+  friends to your circles!They are recommended and top active G+ engagers.

I want to say thank you  to all these great Google+ friends inside this circle for sharing, commenting and plussing all my circles and postings for one year.

To be part of my next TOP 500 G+ ALL STAR Circle,
only make this:

1. Add me (+Bernd Hau) to your circles ,if you haven’t done already
2. Plus & share this circle in public
3. Leave a comment ! 

Please act with the original link!

As you  know ,usually my circles have fairytale & historic themes,if you want to be included in my next historic circle (coming next week),please plus and share my last historic circle:
Sphinx Circle:

Join my Amazing pictures & circles community to have a better chance to be included in the next circle!

References from my last circles:
Nikica Beograd:
Great Share@+Bernd Hau, thanks a lot...!!!
Heather Koroll:
Thank You  so very much +Bernd Hau  for your truly exceptional circle! You're most excellent! Plussed, shared with utmost pleasure, immense gratitude, and absolute pride. The inclusion is incredibly appreciated. Have a really wonderful Ash Wednesday! : )
David Runyon:
Good to see your choice of themes and especially an all time favorite in Huckleberry Finn! I always loved and enjoyed the storyteller style of Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens! Thanks for another circle of great content +Bernd Hau
Trever McGhee:
Awesome circle of amazing people  *:-)) ♥ ♥ ♥ :-))   (。◕‿◕。)   :-)) ♥ ♥ ♥ :-  
Sylvia Brooks:
Thank you +Bernd Hau, for your inclusion. You do a Superb job with your circles. I appreciate all of your efforts and time invested in making G+ a wonderful place for friends....around the world!:-) 

Robert Woodman:
+Bernd Hau has just released his Beauty and the Beast Circle. This circle contains the best Google+ thinkers, commenters, and sharers.
Michael Sonntag:
Great circle to find many interesting and interactive people you definitely want to have in your circles
sippi singh:
Thank you so much +Bernd Hau for sharing wonderful circle of professional...
Josef Mack:
Here is a great circle by +Bernd Hau, to be included and get more engaged G+ followers just follow 
the simple instructions below.
Phil Starybrat:
First time going with a #circleshare  from +Bernd Hau . So let's see how it goes! :)
Miroslav Pelikan:
Thank you +Bernd Hau:-) I have plussed and reshared this post with your circle. Please include me also in the next one.
*Dr Tammy Cashion: *
+Bernd Hau spinning the circles!
Jody Lynch:
Thank you to +Bernd Hau for sharing this great circle! Come check it out!
Kim-Sebastian Tirri:
Enormous thanks +Bernd Hau ! Im really honored that you included me in this great circle! Shared and plussed ofcourse!
Aheste Beste:
+Bernd Hau, hi, My Friend, many thanks for having my two profiles, very nice of you. Have a beautiful evening! 
Thinker Vibrant:
Thanks for the honor of inclusion in your classical circles...plussed and shared publicly...have a nice day +Bernd Hau :)
James Novak:
+Bernd Hau Thank-you for this great engager circle!  I have plussed, added, and shared. I would sincerely appreciate being included. Thank-you!  

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The Public Shared Circle #35 from +Mariko 
Public Shared Circle #35


1. Include me in your circles.
2. Plus, Comment and Reshare my posts in PUBLIC
3. Please make sure you plus, reshare and comment on the Original
4. If possible, leave a comment on this circle so I know you have done the three steps above.
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