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Name: Feebas

Level: 24

Gender: Female

Nature: Jolly

Original or Shiny: Shiny

Move set: Ice beam, Tackle, water gun, Hydro Pump

laying in the grass wondering why fire pokemon arnt extinct
(You may join but you cannot RP more than 2 plot twists in a row and you must ask! The last person I did one RP with pulled 5 plot twists in a row witch scared me so I will mute this post and not continue the RP if more that 2 plot twists in a row are created)

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(Open Rp)

Lopunny: waiting for a trainer


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Name: Jordan the Greninja

"My friends might not be the best Pokemon on earth, but they're my family."

Pokemon: Greninja
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Training, his friends, playing music
Dislikes: Dishonesty, bullies, Fearows
Personality: Quiet, social, hardworking
Nature: Gentle

Type: Water/Dark
Moves: Water Shuriken, Hydro Cannon, Attract, Surf

Ability: Torrent
Level: 100

Nickname: Jordy, Frogger(He hates this one) Teenage Poke Ninja Frogger
Pet Peeve: When someone interrupts his music for useless things.
Best Trait: Surprisingly good at cooking
Worst Trait: He doesn't have a long tongue.
Extra: His tongue scarf is just a regular knitted scarf

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Pikachu: waiting to be caught

Can I be Foxy The Pirate? (Basically my profile)

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Pikachu! Please?!?it mwah fav character and cutest

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I guess Ash is the one i choose! He has always been my favorite!
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I wanna RP as Charmander! He is my fav pokemon!

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I'm going to be Shiny lopunny(With diffrent colors and mega),Shiny braxien and Shiny Swampert
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