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Name: Number 6
Age: n/a
Gender: male
Power: lightning
Weapons: swords and shields
Bio: number 6 is a strange type of angel in that in combat he can turn into 6 different angels which all fight but only one is the real number 6. He's quite quiet but can get angry quickly.

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Name: tsubaki
Species: /demone vampire
Weapon: Hide a blade in her clothes
Likes:blood candy just red, and friends
Dislike : people who hurt her friends and annoying people
Bio: here dad is a vampire and her mom is human after loosing her mom she turned in a vampire and went to a normal school but very one was sacred of her so she changed school going to humans and demons school

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name: Nightmare  
age: 1000 
gender:  male
power: Reaper's Misery  (A series of rapid slashes)
weapons:  Scythe 
bio: A demon born to be a reaper, Nightmare searches for the Seven Savage Weapons, and hopes to encounter worthy opponents along the way.
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Name: Xios the Fallen Angel
Gender: male
Power: electricity
Weapon: Death Scythe
Bio: He was a mighty arch-angel, but fell from grace. He found the scythe one day whilst walkimg in the woods. 
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name: Milo Hunter
age: 16
gender: male
weapon: spear of the dead, 50. cal. revolver.
bio: a warrior from a line of warriors. the spear of the dead was passed through his family to him
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Name:  Jane
Age: Unknown but looks around 15
Gender:  Female
Power: Can heal any wound
Weapons: A bow and the whip of Lucifer 
Bio: She was left alone by her parents and roams Earth alone trying to figure out who her parents were.

(Make the eyes black)

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Name: lullaby
Age: 16 ((999 in demon years))
Gender: female
Power: if heard singing you can ether be put to sleep for hours or for eternity ((only works when I sing specific songs))
Weapons: daggers and throwing knives
Bio: travels around trying to find the spear of the dead or the death scythe 
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