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Linux gets credit for Zootopia!!!
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...and it is a good movie!

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How to Install Ruby Rail on Ubuntu 16.04 Server LTS

A phenomenon we have seen now more than once is the following use case:
1. Early adopter of computers and networking ages along with their equipment, and enters a period of their lives where they cannot afford the planned obsolescence merry-go-round of registry based systems.
2. This older person is channeled to us as a last resort, typically due to a Windows based virus.
3. We install a Linux on their system and allow the older equipment to perform adequately.
4. We spread Linux.

The qualifiers here are almost counter intuitive:
a.) This is not a youngster, the end user is a senior citizen.
b.) In the past, the target individual was well versed in computers.

Could this be the context we have been seeking? 

The distribution model for this type of client might be through service organizations such as the Optimists, Lions, Rotarians etc.  This is the data processing equivalent of distributing new spectacles...

Ok, remember the fellow that BOSI gave the Dell 620 loaded with Linux to a few months ago, who subsequently had Windows XP installed over top of the Linux?  Well, he showed back up and after a bit asked to have Linux re-installed.  We gave him Linux Mint 16.

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Well today I saw another indication of the Tipping Point.  I got a call from an associate who had a new business owner in his shop.  The new business was a forestry management business, and the new owner had removed Windows 8 from his new Levono, and installed Ubuntu Precise. My associate had been trying to get qgis running and needed some help.  So I received this new forest management fellow, and got qgis running on his system.  BTW the problem was they did not install the proper apt source keying in the system. 

The Tipping Point in this case is that this forester simply could not abide windows 8.  Could this revulsion to Windows 8 coupled with the end of Windows XP feed the Linux Tipping Point?

Here in Vermont, we wonder if the Barre Open Systems Institute BOSI should support this possible Tipping Point. We want to know if the
deal could be something like this:

Linux Tipping Point support levels 0-30. 
Want an old Laptop runninng Linux, or a Linux CD and support for free?  Come to the Adult Swim activity we hold every Monday 5-7 at Hedding United Methodist Church.
1.  Optionally, drop your computer off and we make it dual boot and you get minimal  functionality. ($60 Donation).
2.  We arrive on-site and upgrade your system to Linux Mint Cinnamon.
    ($200 Donation)
3.  You want other functionality services or customization ($60.00/hr)

This is based upon the suggestion of one acquaintance who listened to a National Public Radio spot about the coming end-of-life for Windows XP.  I would really like some feedback, on this idea possibly as an enterprise.

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