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Greetings Friends,

Hope you enjoy all the new aesthetics of the new Green Rose website at and here is a link to the Green Rose Organization's Facebook Business Page Group:

As a group member you will have access to insider information, as well as organizational news and recent developments. Also, you will have the added benefit of receiving all Green Rose Organization's Premiere Programs and Services at a discounted rate before anyone else! Thank you very much for all your continued support and encouragement. Feel free to look around and engage in discussion!

Warmest Wishes,

The Green Rose Team

Welcome to the Green Rose Organization OFFICIAL Google+ Community!


To expedite self-actualization among our constituents and beneficiaries through the medium of education on various techniques, methods, and practical forms of application to ultimately empower such individuals to reach higher levels of personal function, capacity, and effectiveness.


We are determined to fulfill our mission by focusing on character enrichment, personality refinement and emotional management through various modes of discussion, workshops, seminars, and support groups. We hope to educate and empower our beneficiaries in the arena of communication, relationship, leadership, values, beliefs systems, goal setting, purposeful life planning, and spiritual inquisition.
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