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She nodded. "That would be helpful."

Sapphire was walking around the city in the evening. She was heading home from a long day at school then work when she accidentally bumped into you.

Rp anyone?!?!

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She shrugs Well, then if you think that then practice more. I can't make you better. So it's honestly up to you. +Leira Luahs
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AmberRae is looking at her phone as she walks, texting her brother that she just got out of school and that she'd take the subway instead of him having to come and pick her up when.. 

RP anyone? 

AmberRae was walking along the very busy city streets. Her wavy blonde hair hung loosely on her back. She was looking at her phone when she bumped into you. "Oh! Sorry."
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(+Leira Luahs) Kris walked about New York slowly, his fake face looking bedraggled and tired. He stopped in at a cafe and pulled out his laptop. He studied the files but still couldn't make sense of them. Sighing, he stood up and went to leave


Lilli walks down the streets, her earbuds in. She was listening to various Icon For Hire songs, humming along, when she bumped into...

((Closed to +Leira Luahs??)) Layla had her mission on earth, and seeing as she was a fairly powerful being, like all angels they leave a trail of where they go. You decide to investigate on her. When you do. You see a fifteen year old angel, whos bleeding from a wound in her side. She sees you and stands up. Pulling her sword out

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Profile Template:
Name:  Layla Thompson
Nickname: L, sometimes even Angelica
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species (side): Full angel
Appearance:  (FACE CLAIM: Ciara Bravo) 5'7, dark brown to black hair. violet eyes. pale skin. 
  Eyes: changes, mainly violet
  Hair: Dark chestnut brown almost. curly when wet and dry, some natural light highlights.
  Skin: pale
  Height: 5'7 
  Body: Skinny
  Typical Clothing: (see pictures below)
  Weapon(s): More familiar with a traditional bow and a 60 cm sword balanced perfectly for her left hand. Its silver, and depending on the light can have a blue gleam to it.
Personality: Layla is quiet which works well being an angel on earth. when she gets used to you she becomes protective and funny. shes determined and couragous, never giving up. Her one fault is her nightmares, which sometimes tend to be preminitions. 
Likes:  Reading, hanging out with her friends, studying, being alone. She also likes to keep log in a dream diary everything that happens.
Dislikes: People who criticize her, people who test her patients, people who manipulate her. 
Weaknesses: Nightmares, Her loyalty to her friends, blades made from heavenly metals, wounding her for twice as long as humans  
Strengths: Fast and small, able to get through situations, she also has the ability to continue fighting even on the brink of mortal death.
Fatal flaw: Not able to heal the heavenly way, and takes twice as long to heal. She is also incredibly susceptible to mind control
Powers: Teleportation (Beaming), Telepathy, Telekinesis, can manipulate light. (more to come seeing as she is character in development.
Bio: Layla had been in heaven since she was young, not because she was not dead of course. but because she was chosen by the court because of being of age, her parents both angels, she became one as well. then seeing as she had recieved her wings, she was sent down to earth on a mission to save a nephelim. her time on earth had dimmed her angelic thoughts and had made her make mistakes, become more, normal. and so, when she attempted to go back to heaven, they would not let her. and she was forced to stay on earth, wear mortals were imprinting bad things on her.
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